Word Isolating Educational Tool

This is an innovative reading aid that will aid teachers, and parent who teach their children at home. No computer is needed. This product is used to isolate syllables of a word, so that they can be sounded out, helping make the pronunciation of the word easier. (Also great for those that may have special reading needs). It's can be assembled in minutes, little instruction is needed to operate, it's safe, economical, and used by a creative person, can be used for other studies, i.e. math, spelling, etc.

The original product is 2" x 3" inches, constructed from (2) thin flexible pieces of non-transparent plastic. The size will vary depending on the fonts.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: #7,056,122
Invention Status: Patented for the U.S. and Canada

Nov 18, 2009
by devvon

cool idea

can u make it so it also magnifies the word? thus making it stand out more then i would buy one. let me know if u could add that feature 2 your invention. thankyou.. daveanne@shaw.ca only because my kid likes to read the bible and as we know the print is quite small