X-Box Stand - Video Game Accessory

Finally a stand for the popular X-Box, keep your X-Box off the carpet and further away from all those dust bunnies by elevating it to a new level, looks cool too! Comes with Velcro adhesive for easy installation and easily removeable. Low Price

Patent Status: Not Patented
Invention Status: ready to ship

Keywords: x-box stand xbox accessories video games gaming furniture
Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

I could do this with

I could do this with cardboard. And it would be top-heavy so it could still get kicked over if it's on the floor. Also, unfortunately, the original Xbox is pretty much obsolete nowadays although there are still people who play them.

Jan 31, 2012
by Anonymous


ive seen shity inventions.... but.... these has got the be the most god aweeeeful, invention.. in the world.. like. my cat could think of a better ideas. for example, kitty for titties & kitten mittens. so cute. your garbage..