Zipblocks - Modular Building Systems

Simply snap Zipblocks together and build virtually anything that you want.The go kart illustrated in this picture was built using Zipblocks.


Zipblocks are a green technology. Basic Zipblocks can easily be manufactured from recycled materials or from sustainable resources like wood.

Wooden Zipblocks are ideal for building infrastructure like bridges, columns, and roads. Simply weave structures together with Zipblocks and glue and your structures inherit all the wonderful qualities that wood has to offer.

Zipblocks are also a great DIY (do it yourself) product. Just imagine how great life would be like if you could go to your nearest home supply center and load up your truck with eight foot Zipblocks studs for about the same price as conventional studs…and then instantly build things like the go kart shown here.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Prototype stage.

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Nov 18, 2009
by devvon

ok now that is cool big lego

can i build a house with this? what i really mean is can my kid build a fort with this now that would be so cool