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Amy Gifford, our Guest Blogger, works in PR for a group of nonprofits after previously working in media and advertising in the auto industry. She received a Bachelors Degree in PR and five certificates in areas of Marketing, Advertising and E-commerce. She wanted to share her smart marketing finds with the readers of

Here's her article:

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Men: There is nothing like driving down the road and seeing that amazing "toy" you absolutely have to have.


  • The boat
    -the Four Winns, 20 feet long, white (with the red "racing stripe")
  • The truck
    -the Ford F150, eight cylinder, 4.6 liter engine, fully loaded, black
  • The bike
    -the Honda, sport bike, 600cc engine, black, with silver trim

Little Men: There is nothing like riding in your car seat in the back of your Mom's minivan and seeing that toy you must have for your G I Joes to ride in.

  • The fire truck
    -the Tonka, red, with siren and ladder
  • The dump truck
    -the Tonka, yellow, package deal with toy shovel
  • The crane
    -the Tonka, orange, extendable nine and a half inches, with detachable lift

Toys R Us has recently began advertising on the side of actually working vehicles, such as garbage trucks, cranes and even emergency vehicles.

What do you think of Toys R Us and the on vehicle advertising?

Agency: Grey Worldwide, D├╝sseldorf
Creative Directors: Florian Meimberg, Torsten Pollmann
Art Director: Florian Meimberg
Copywriters: Torsten Pollmann, Claudia Meimberg

Source: Got-ads

Amy Gifford
Guest Blogger