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Amy Gifford, our Guest Blogger, works in PR for a group of nonprofits after previously working in media and advertising in the auto industry. She received a Bachelors Degree in PR and five certificates in areas of Marketing, Advertising and E-commerce. She wanted to share her smart marketing finds with the readers of

Here's her article:

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Recently, Polaroid replaced mirrors in the restrooms of shopping malls and business centers with their instant cameras. Polaroid was reinforcing their overall brand concept of instant images.

While capturing people's attention they were also capturing an instant photo.

This one made me think about how difficult it was to maintain this advertisement; changing and loading the film, checking on the status of the film, etc. Beyond that, I think this is an awesome way to remind everyone that in a technologically advanced culture, Polaroid is still around and can still put an image instantly in the palm of your hand. You can find out more about this advertising option at Magic Display .

Here's a video of the advertising program:

What do you think of instant pictures? In this world of the digital camera and camera phones does Polaroid still fit in?

Amy Gifford
Guest Blogger

Source: Ads of the World and AME Marketing

Agency: Santa Clara, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Campos
Art Director: Kika Botto
Copywriter: Mariana Borga
Photographer: Geison Genga