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Inventive Marketing - Toy Story

Amy Gifford, our Guest Blogger, works in PR for a group of nonprofits after previously working in media and advertising in the auto industry. She received a Bachelors Degree in PR and five certificates in areas of Marketing, Advertising and E-commerce. She wanted to share her smart marketing finds with the readers of InventorSpot.com.

Here's her article:

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Target toysTarget toys

Actors dressed up as "big toys" with oversized hands attached to their costumes to promote Australia's biggest Toy Sale at Target.

When the big toys, which were dressed similarly to super heroes, started performing, it created the illusion that the hands were actually playing with them.

What do you think of these "handheld" toys?

Amy Gifford
Guest Blogger

Source: ibelieveinadv via Ads of the World

Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne, Australia
Copywriter: Pat Lennox
Art Director: Ben Green