Inventive Packaging - Hot You Can See!

Want to see a brilliant new way to package hot liquids?

Amy Gifford, our Guest Blogger, works in PR for a group of nonprofits after previously working in media and advertising in the auto industry. She wanted to share her smart marketing finds with the readers of

Here's her article:

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Most people don't think too much about the to go cup their coffee comes in until it malfunctions.

Smart Lid Systems has designed a lid in hopes of reducing the number of scalding incidents (and lawsuits).

The fast pace of today's culture pushes both consumers and café staff at your local coffee shop to take short-cuts and make mistakes often resulting in severe scalding cases when a spillage occurs.

This new lid contains a warning indicator that the contents are hot and a sealing indicator that shows whether or not the lid is securely attached properly to the cup. The lid also changes color as the beverage inside cools.

Smart Lid is also offering opportunities for marketers to advertise on the lid.

What do you think about these warning, color changing lids? Has it really become necessary to package products this way?

Amy Gifford
Guest Blogger

May 30, 2007
by Road Show
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Smart Lid Systems

I like the product, but for a reason other than the liquid crystal "hot beverage" feature. It looks as though it was designed in a way that might reduce the number of "hiccups"...where the beverage erupts from the drinking slot...and, presumably, has a better seal to reduce dribbles from an improper alignment of the lid on the cup.

As far as the change in color, the customer who isn't already aware that they might be dealing with a hot beverage, might need to be educated as to how hot the beverage might be to effect the color change. I think this gimmick will see limited success, as the bigger opportunity to market it's "clothing friendly" attributes might be where the value added premium might be realized.

Jun 7, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I like it! Although the

I like it! Although the famous McDonald suit over hot coffee was misleading in it's media coverage I think there is a call for better safety in the realm of scolding hot coffee.  Kudos.