Overcoming Inventoritis Book Now on Audio

Tatsuya Nakagawa and Peter P. Roosen, are the co-founders of Atomica Creative who guest blog for our site. Atomica Creative is a strategic product marketing company that has been involved in many successful product launches in North America and Asia in several industries. Roosen and Nakagawa have recently released a book titled "Overcoming Inventoritis - Lessons from Thomas Edison, the world's greatest product marketer".

They recently dropped us a note letting the readers of American InventorSpot.com know that they have the complete audio version of our book available for download (until
Jan 31, 2007). It's hosted at http://atomicacreative.podomatic.com. No
registration is required.

Authors: Peter Paul Roosen and Tatsuya Nakagawa
Duration: approx 2 hours
File size: approx 30MB
Narrated by Peter Paul Roosen
Topic: Product Marketing
Recommended: Innovators, Inventors, Manufacturers, Product Marketers,
Venture Capitalists, Business professional, Product Managers, Product

Please check the book out if you are interested. We'd also appreciate your sharing your comments and thoughts on the book.