Books For Inventors

There are not many great books available for inventors right now.

Most books offering an overview of the invention process and tips and advice on how you can turn your invention idea into a marketed product are outdated and have stale information. After the America Invents Act (2011), which dramatically changed existing patents laws, there have been few books that have been properly updated to discuss the impact of the new patent laws and the whole invention process.  In addition, the possibility of getting crowdfunding for new product ideas has dramatically shifted the inventing landscape. Unfortunately, there are few books on inventing that properly cover that aspect of the invention process. And the few books currently available on crowdfunding are generally light on details and useful tips.

So understanding that there are only a few good books that have current information helpful to inventors, listed below are the books we recommend. We also have an Amazon store with an extensive collection of books (including old editions)  of interest to inventors here

The Inventor's Bible, Fourth Edition: How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas (2015)

Filled with relevant and detailed information, The Inventor's Bible is the definitive book on product licensing for the independent inventor. Ron Docie has been a great supporter of InventorSpot. He was a featured blogger for InventorSpot in the past and you can see his posts packed with helpful information for inventors here. Ron knows more than most people in the industry about the invention process and we highly recommend his book. The book covers most of the key steps in the invention process and it has been newly updated to cover the changes in the patent laws and the crowdfunding. He also covers the "art" of invention marketing. He shows you step by step -- with examples -- how to find and put together invention licensing deals. If you follow the steps that he lays out -- and do them all well -- if there's any chance of your invention licensing, you'll find it and do the deal. And if there's no chance of its licensing, you'll also find that out -- quickly and efficiently. (The 4th edition will be released in September 2015 and you can pre-order it now.)


The Crowdfunding Bible: How To Raise Money For Any Startup, Video Game Or Project (2008)

The ability to tap into funding sources has dramatically changed the invention space and made taking an invention idea to market possibly for many. Although it is a bit old, the Crowdfunding Bible can still be a helpful resource. It goes through the key steps such as how to figure out if crowdsourcing makes sense for you and your invention and what you need to do to  launch, market and successfully run a fundraising campaign. It shares tips on how to get media and public attention to your fundraising efforts and attracting donors, in a simple and detailed way.

The KickStater Handbook: Real-Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs (2012) is a crowdfunding platform that helps inventors fund their product ideas. Since the vast majority of fundraising  campaigns on Kickstarter fail, learning about the crowdfunding process before you start your own crowdfunding efforts can be invaluable. The KickStarter Handbook is a good guide to the basics on Kickstarter and gives some helpful Kickstarter tips. It is not a substantial book and it falls a little short of providing the level of detail and analysis and insights that would make this book an excellent resource. However, as a basic overview of crowdfunding and Kickstarter, it is a helpful resource.

As we find more helpful books for inventors that we can recommend, we will be sure to add them to this list.



Other Books for Inventors Worth Reading

Although the books mentioned below were written before the America Invents Act (2011), they are classics that do provide some very helpful invention advice and information and so they may still be worth reviewing. The difficult challenge will be for inventors to figure out what is current useful knowledge and what is outdated and flat out bad advice.  So instead of going into detail on older but still good books for inventors, we are just providing a list of books we have recommended in the past that you may still want to consult.  Hopefully, the authors of these books will be coming up with updates soon

You can see more info on these inventor guides as well as some of the other inventor books we have recommended in the past here as well as our Amazon store with an extensive collection of books (including old editions)  of interest to inventors here