Inventor Groups and Organizations

For independent inventors, inventor groups and associations can be an invaluable resource for information and support as you go through the invention process. Plus, it is usually enjoyable to socialize with like minded creative out of the box thinkers.  Most communities have a local inventors group so if you do a little bit of research you can likely find one that will work well for you. 

Listed below are some of the independent inventor groups across the United States. Many groups keep schedules of regularly occurring meetings and events for their local areas. You can find these events simply by contacting your local organization.

Many communities also have meetings scheduled through MeetUp Groups. You can looks for one in your community by checking the MeetUp website.  Also, the State Attorney's Office in most states have information on or actively support inventor organizations.

National Inventor Groups And Organizations

InventNet Forum

National Congress of Inventor Organizations

United Inventors' Association of the USA

Inventor Groups In Your Local Community

Inventor groups and information on the inventor groups in your local community changes constantly. The best way fo find the most current information for an inventor organization in your community is to simply search for one using Google, Bing or another search engine. Another good place to look is

Here are some directlories of local inventor groups that may be active and available:

 Online Inventor Communities, Groups and Forums

In addition to our inventors forums, there are many other inventor forums and online communities you can join.  Just be careful when joining a community to make sure that it is not a group simply trying to sell you an invention or patent service or product.

If you have an inventor organization or a website that is of interest to the inventor community and you would like to exchange links with us, please CONTACT US