Inventor Resources

The following is a directory of companies and individuals providing services to inventors. The information provided in this directory is just a starting point for your own research. The information published has not been verified or evaluated in any way.

Inventors are urged to carefully screen and evaluate any service provider before using them, including the ones listed in this directory. What a provider states in this directory may not be complete, accurate or truthful.

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Florida Manufacturing Solutions

We are not a broker or a middleman we are a manufacturer. Although currently we work mainly with other manufacturers with prototype, first articles and low volume production runs (under 10,000 pieces), we still remain interested in assisting inventors in producing their prototypes and samples. We have an extensive network of engineers, machine shops, welding, and metal fabricators who work closely with us. Our specialty is Polyurethane, and Urethane castings. Our casting service can provide you prototype and sample parts for less than the cost of a single injection mold die. Full confidentiality is maintained for your product.

Frank Morosky - Entrepreneur Consultant

Now you can hire Frank to help you develop a plan and EXECUTE it. He can get your idea, invention, or small business started quickly. He started his own business without the use of lawyers, accountants or website developers. He can help you get yours started even if you have a limited budget. Frank has been thru the American Inventor program, has 6 patent pending, and has a plan for protecting your ideas before presenting them to others. He can help get your small business start-up going quickly and inexpensively. Your idea has great potential, let Frank show you how to capitalize it with his real time assistance.

Free Patents Online - Patent Search Database provides fast, free patent searching, with powerful features such as PDF downloading, search management functions, collaborative document folders, and more.

Gilman Research Services, LLC

Before you call the attorneys.

Before you call the PTO.

Call Gilman Research. Our patent searches will tell you if your idea is really worth the time and money of seeking a patent.

A good patent search can stop a bad patent and increase the value and enforeceability of an ok patent.

Global Sourcing Specialists - Product Development and Sourcing

Global Sourcing Specialists is a product development and sourcing (manufacturing) management company dedicated to helping small businesses, inventors, and startups succeed in the Global Economy by tapping overseas resources.

Goodman Strategies: Business Plans and Strategy Development

Business plan writer and strategy development consultant with over 25-years of experience working with entrepreneurs. I also happen to be a patented inventor (x4), so I know what it takes.

Ian R. Blum, Esq., Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane LLP

Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane LLP is a unique law firm with a focus on intellectual property litigation that infuses every aspect of its IP work in prosecution of patents, trademarks, and copyrights; in drafting opinions and licenses, and in due diligence and transaction work. It is CPLP’s philosophy that no legal activity is so routine that it does not have the potential to become the weak link in IP protection, resulting in legal exposure or porous rights. Hence, the firm views all IP matters as potential litigations to be won or avoided and is positioned to provide world-class litigation services, as well as other highly skilled IP services to achieve wraparound IP protection at the highest level.

idea2products - Your Outsourcing Partner in China

We have experienced industrial designer team plus plenty of facilities to turn your idea to prototype till products.