Inventor Resources

The following is a directory of companies and individuals providing services to inventors. The information provided in this directory is just a starting point for your own research. The information published has not been verified or evaluated in any way.

Inventors are urged to carefully screen and evaluate any service provider before using them, including the ones listed in this directory. What a provider states in this directory may not be complete, accurate or truthful.

If you know of helpful resources for inventors or you are a provider of services for inventors, please submit your service to us to be added to our Inventor's Resources section. It's free.

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Manufacturers In


I would like to welcome you to Manufacturers in China. I am an overseas sourcing agent with over 25 years of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing manufacturers in China for major retailers and private companies throughout the United States and abroad.I am recommended by the Trade Development Councils and the Chambers of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Mark Mold - Product Development, Prototyping, CAD Design, Molding, Machining

Product Development, Prototype help, CAD Design, Injection Molding, CNC machining.

Company has been helping inventors for over 10 years.

NatWish LLC Product Development

NatWish works closely with inventors to develop and commercialize new products on a shared revenue basis. There are no fees. NatWish has expertise at structuring, drafting, and negotiating license agreements. Sharing revenue means that NatWish is aligned with the interests of the inventor. Client success is the firm's success.

OBVIA - Product Development Services

OBVIA is a full service design firm.

Specializing in providing assistance to individual inventors. We provide product development services, including virtual prototypes, working prototypes and product brokering.

Packaging Diva

All things packaging -- If you are seeking packaging, packaging assistance, packaging help, packaging expertise, packaging consultants, packaging designers or requests for packaging proposals, I can help you with your packaging questions, issues and problems. I will find your packaging solution.

Packaging University

All Packaging All The TimeIf you are seeking packaging expertise, consultation, assistance, design or RFPs, I can help you with your ideas, goals, questions, issues and challenges. Just e-mail me at I *will* find your packaging solution! Personal Website:;Corporate Website:;Packaging Help:;Packaging Workshop:;PackagingWorkbook: 4290 Bells Ferry Road STE 106-17Kennesaw, GA 30144678-594-6872

Patent DVD

Learn how to write and submit your own patent application on your invention. This video course is taught by Andrew Knight, J.D., Registered Patent Agent, graduate of MIT and Georgetown Law, university instructor, and owner and inventor of 13 issued U.S. patents and 15 pending patent applications. Do-It-Yourself Patent Course will teach you how to write your own high-quality provisional and nonprovisional patent applications without the need for a patent attorney or any other resource.

Our FREE Do-It-Yourself Provisional Patent will teach you how to write your own provisional patent application, and can be downloaded free to all inventors from our website. provide a unique platform which brings a common place for entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors to connect with each other. There are thousands of great ideas out there and their inventors just do not know how to maximise what they may have hiding in their invention armenatarium.