Advertising and Marketing

Lenfest Media Group

Lenfest Media Group's mission is to help inventors turn their products into household names by investing in the power of Direct Response Television (DRTV) in order to reach the mass market and exponentially grow sales. Through DRTV, Lenfest Media Group creates the consumer and brand awareness that propels product sales and revenue. provide a unique platform which brings a common place for entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors to connect with each other. There are thousands of great ideas out there and their inventors just do not know how to maximise what they may have hiding in their invention armenatarium.

Docie Invention Services

Founded over 30 years ago by famous inventor, Ron Docie Sr., Author of The Inventor's BIble, Ten Speed Press, 2004.

Docie's Comprehensive Services include:

Marketing, Licensing, Negotiation, Valuation, Trade Show representation, Consultation and Patent Strategy.

Atomica Creative - Product Marketing

Atomica Creative is a strategic product marketing company that has been involved in many successful product launches in North America and Asia in several industries. We provide a complete range of strategic product marketing services that will help get your next project off the ground.