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Product Coach

My mission is to help inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with ideas.

Patent DVD

Learn how to write and submit your own patent application on your invention. This video course is taught by Andrew Knight, J.D., Registered Patent Agent, graduate of MIT and Georgetown Law, university instructor, and owner and inventor of 13 issued U.S. patents and 15 pending patent applications. Do-It-Yourself Patent Course will teach you how to write your own high-quality provisional and nonprovisional patent applications without the need for a patent attorney or any other resource.

Our FREE Do-It-Yourself Provisional Patent will teach you how to write your own provisional patent application, and can be downloaded free to all inventors from our website.

JimLow's Audios/Articles

Would you like to be able to consult with an inventor who has "been there"? Do you believe it would be nice to be able to benefit from another inventor's experiences, which could help you avoid some of the pitfalls and possibly help you find superior methods and avenues for presenting your invention to industry?

While Jim Lowrance cannot guarantee success to an inventor, he can offer his best possible advice through e-mail consultation. (Jim's invention: The "Rod Floater" shown above, in Bass Pro since 1992)

The Inventor's Stockroom

The search engine for today's inventor. The Inventor's Stockroom is a searchable database of inventing related content. The site and content are free and include the following categories: Learning, Legal, Licensing, Product Development and Commercialization, Prototyping, and Stockroom Suppliers.

Docie Invention Services

Founded over 30 years ago by famous inventor, Ron Docie Sr., Author of The Inventor's BIble, Ten Speed Press, 2004.

Docie's Comprehensive Services include:

Marketing, Licensing, Negotiation, Valuation, Trade Show representation, Consultation and Patent Strategy.

Profitable Marketing Systems - Marketing Tools

I have invented and sold to major mass merchants 3 product lines of over 150 products and have produced a CD to explain how you can do it too - even if you don't have a lot of money. I didn't have any money when I started. My CD is totally free if you are in the US. If not, you can still download a transcript and/or the MP3 files.