Legal and Patent Services

Integrity IP

Integrity IP is a patent legal services firm specializing in patent prosecution.  Ideally suited for start-up companies, we have experience building a company IP strategy that can maximize success in financing or exit events.  We convert your know how to tangible property which increases the value of your company.

Gilman Research Services, LLC

Before you call the attorneys.

Before you call the PTO.

Call Gilman Research. Our patent searches will tell you if your idea is really worth the time and money of seeking a patent.

A good patent search can stop a bad patent and increase the value and enforeceability of an ok patent.

DeMay Consulting, LLC

DeMay Consulting, LLC is Intellectual Property Law Firm: Our objective is to form strategic alliances with our clients to provide them with education, advice and assistance in the protection of their unique intellectual property portfolios. Utilizing research, legal advice and unparalleled integrity, we strive to guide our clients along a pragmatic course of action to secure, preserve and defend their intellectual property rights.

Ian R. Blum, Esq., Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane LLP

Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane LLP is a unique law firm with a focus on intellectual property litigation that infuses every aspect of its IP work in prosecution of patents, trademarks, and copyrights; in drafting opinions and licenses, and in due diligence and transaction work. It is CPLP’s philosophy that no legal activity is so routine that it does not have the potential to become the weak link in IP protection, resulting in legal exposure or porous rights. Hence, the firm views all IP matters as potential litigations to be won or avoided and is positioned to provide world-class litigation services, as well as other highly skilled IP services to achieve wraparound IP protection at the highest level.

Affordable Patents - Patent Agency

Your first patent search is free* The Affordable Patent Service works with clients all over the United States to provide reasonable fees for quality patents (both utility and design), provisional applications, searches, illustrations, prototyping, solid modeling, design development and engineering.

Dirt Cheap Patents - Patent Service

US Patent Search: $249 -- one week turn-around, includes patentability opinion

US Utility Patent Application from $1,899 -- Flat fee for relatively simple, mechanical or electrical inventions; does not include PTO filing fees or drawings at $100/sheet.

US Design Patent Applications from $399 -- Does not include PTO filing fee or drawings at $125/sheet

Criterion Dynamics - IP Centric Market Research

Internet based patent and market research specialists. High quality patent searches and more.

T2 Design - Design and Prototyping Service

T2 Design & Prototyping can help you create consumer products from your invention ideas. Based in Los Angeles, California, T2 Design has successfully helped inventors with product design and development, prototypes, patent searching and manufacturing.

Free Patents Online - Patent Search Database provides fast, free patent searching, with powerful features such as PDF downloading, search management functions, collaborative document folders, and more.

Brett J. Trout - Patent Lawyer

Brett J. Trout is an AV-rated registered patent attorney with over fifteen years of patent drafting experience.

IPWatchdog - Legal Services

IPWatchdog, Inc. offers products and services designed to assist inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses in protecting intellectual property assets, particularly patentable inventions. We provide individuals and small companies who are looking to keep costs down with an alternative to high priced law firms or invention submission companies.