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Welcome to - Serious Fun For the Inventor in All of Us! If you just have an idea that you think would make for a great invention or you are a serious inventor looking for inspiration, advice and like-minded people, this is the site for you.

We recently restarted the site after several years of inactivity. So if something does not look freshly uodated, please be patient with us and come back to see the improvements we are making. Much of the information is still useful but we are working on updating everything. Since we have several thousands of pages of information on our site, it will take some time.

Inventor Home Page

Do you want to look at articles on the site related only to invention or inventor related topics. Take a look at the Inventor Home Page.

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Invention Gallery offers a free Invention Gallery where inventors can showcase and market their inventions with our visitors and potential marketing and licensing partners. Marketing your invention in our Invention Gallery can be helpful to inventors trying to get their inventions found by the various search engines.

Note: We are currently updating our invention gallery and will have something better soon.

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InventorPages - Inventor Service Provider Directory

We also offer the InventorPages, a resource service directory of companies, people and resources serving the needs of inventors.

Note: We are currently updating our invention gallery and will have something better soon.

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Inventor Forum

The inventor forums is a good place for connecting with your fellow inventors about all issues related to the invention process, and a to hang out. Inventors can get advice and keep current on the latest news about inventor events.

This invention forum, message board, chat room, or community center is here for you. Have a question about doing a patent search, patenting your invention, prototyping, manufacturing, licensing, marketing, promoting your invention or invention idea or how to build your small business? This forum is the place for inventors to come and get the answers you need.

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Inventor Information Resource Guide

We've put together a guide for finding resources on the web.

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Myra Per-Lee's Invention Blog

Myra is an inventor that writes for us on events and items of interest to inventors.

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Helpful Books

We've put together a list of popular and helpful books that may help you with improving your invention.

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Invention Store

If you're looking for invention related products or gifts, we have a number of affiliated stores that you might be interested in. Note: Some of the stores give us a small commission for a sale on their sites.

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Inventor Calendar

The Invention Calendar is filled with information on inventor and invention related events, conventions, shows and contests.

Note: The inventor calendar is no longer being updated, and we are no longer accepting submissions for the calendar. We have tried to make the calendar generally helpful in highlighting events that typically happen every year.

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