10 Jaw-Dropping Kitchens




5. Floating Kitchen

With the Floating Kitchen comes our first truly conceptual, futuristic kitchen that probably wouldn't work outside the upscale, highly stylized dwelling. It is nevertheless a site to behold. Chinese designers Chaoran Zheng and Fu Yetao came up with this space saving idea which divides the traditional kitchen components into three "islands." Hanging from adjustable steel cables, the kitchen is suspended in air with glowing lamps distributed along the cables. The parts are as follows: Drink Island with water faucet, beverage storage and utensil storage that also performs disinfection functions; Icebox Island that features a chilled zone for refrigeration; and Cook Island that has a Korean grill, electric magnetic oven and microwave. Are you cool enough to own this? I don't think I am...


4. Sheer

Shaped like a big egg, Sheer was revealed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and is, again, a nice idea for a home scarce on space. The kitchen is actually comprised of the spherical cooking space and a panel of cabinetry that also includes a refrigerator. As for the sphere, the upper half is a ventilation system while the lower half includes a sink, plate rack, cutlery storage, ceramic glass cook top, refrigerated bottle storage and pull out table. It's made mostly of stainless steel or carbonium fiber and the hood is semitransparent metacrylic, so it will fit in nicely with your $2.5 million SoHo loft. One thing I do respect about the design of the Sheer kitchen is that it is circular, which invites family and guests to gather around the cooking area where they can see one another face to face. Kitchens are and have always been the social center of every home, so at least the designers didn't forego that detail. (Dream kitchen via Moco Loco )







3. White Wing Kitchen

Here again we see the functionality and simplicity of circularity. Designed by Julian Bumbu, the shape of The White Wing Kitchen , like the Sheer, is a response to the basic functions that the kitchen has to perform. It allows for multiple tasks in the cooking area and it's suitable for sitting while preparing meals. The design is also smart for facilitating large groups of people, even children considering there are no sharp edges for them to get hurt on. Everything is self contained inside the surface whether it's storage, the dishwasher-which also stores the dishes-or stove tops. The surface of the kitchen itself is made up of tiny rolling balls that allow objects to slide easily. These balls are also settled in holes that allow the ventilation system below to suck down bad smells and smoke from the top. The result of the product is a clean, contemporary kitchen that serves the individual and the group well. (Dream kitche via Design Boom)


2. Command Island

OK all you hipsters, tech junkies and Manhattan snobs, the Command Island is for you. Specifically designed to alleviated the problem of space in apartment living, Joel Sanders came up with this design to put everything you need in one place. Rather than cramping the kitchen in a corner of the apartment, Sanders brings the kitchen to the center of the room and attaches an additional seating area to the island. With comfortable seating and durable kitchenware, this kitchen is perfect for a party or simple everyday use. If guests show up, the Corian counter becomes a dining table, while the sectional bed converts to couches for entertaining. The pop-up display cabinets-or a lobster tank if you like your fill of crustaceans-are remote controlled, rising up from the counter and serving as privacy screens between the kitchen and living space. Even more impressive is the enormous TV screen, scan equipped recycling center and interactive cooking surface with touch-screen devices that provide easy access to recipes and online delivery services. All of this is still prototype, but it could be just the spatial answer for New York power players. (Dream kitchen via NY Mag )


1. Z. Island Kitchen

Architect and design guru Zaha Hadid continues her non-stop ruling of all things craftable. This time, Hadid was commissioned by DuPont and Ernestomeda to design a futuristic kitchen for the Milan Furniture Fair, and boy did she ever. The final product was so impressive it was displayed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The innovative Z. Island Kitchen was designed to show the extraordinary possibilities of the Corian surface, which we've seen before and is produced by DuPont. The Z. Island has two areas labeled "Fire" for cooking and "Water" for the washing area. Also incorporated is a special heating membrane, interactive technology features such as touch control panels, sound activators and scent dispensers, LED lighting and a multimedia entertainment system complete with an iPod and flat screen. All of these features are adjustable elements that allow for the user to create the perfect cooking/dining environment, and, though Hadid designed her's in white, Corian is available in over 120 colors making the kitchen that much more personable. (Dream kitchen via Gizmag )


So there we have them; the most unconventional drool-worthy kitchens out there. Many of these are simple modern takes on the traditional kitchen, but others hint at the future of the cooking space. All I have to say is that no matter what happens to where the food is prepared, let's make sure the food itself doesn't change too much. I don't want to be eating turkey cubes or liquid stuffing any time soon.

What's your dream kitchen?

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