Jellyfish Aquarium - Low-Maintenance Gel Friends

Ever wish you could have a low-maintenance aquarium?

Our Guest Blogger, Steve Levenstein, is a writer, copywriter and
Japanophile from Toronto, Canada. The tide of wild, wacky and wonderful
products from Japan seems to beg for commentary, and Steve has happily taken on the burden of doing just that. Steve is the Assistant Editor of The Driver Magazine and has just set up his portfolio website here.

He has some great inventions from Japan to share with the readers of Here's his article:

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From our delightfully twisted friends at Japan's Banpresto comes the Aquapict LED Jellyfish Aquarium! Occupying a unique niche between lava lamp and biosphere, the 10½" high by 8¼" wide Aquapict takes the tired old aquarium concept and steps it up a notch.

First off, the trio of gently undulating jellyfish who inhabit the Aquapict are crafted with care from the finest silicone, rendering them lifelike yet lifeless. They neither eat, excrete nor outgrow their tough high-quality ABS plastic home, allowing you to stay out all night (or all week) without worrying about their feeding schedule. You do have to pay your electric bill once in a while, as the Aquapict is powered through an included AC adaptor.

So, you've brought your Aquapict home, set it up and plugged it in... what to expect? If it's still daytime, your pallid pals will begin to "swim" around their transparent terrarium with the most languid of motions. Watch them for a while and you'll begin to succumb to the hypnotic, amniotic ambiance. But it's at night that the Aquapict really comes alive - OK, not actually "alive" but you get my point. Darken the room and select from 12 color settings that illuminate your faux deep-sea denizens in an ethereal glow. Observe as they move up, down and around the 4¾" thick case in an ancient rhythm as primeval as the timeless tides. You are feeling sleepy... very sleepy... and when you awake you will purchase an Aquapict for yourself, and a dozen of your closest friends...

The LED Jellyfish Aquarium is available for less than $50 from Amazon. A giant version of the LED Jellyfish Aquarium is also available for less than $100.

Steve Levenstein
Guest Blogger


May 19, 2007
by Anonymous Bobby Fisher (not verified)

The fake Jellyfish can't sting

so they got the PRICE to do that.

Jun 8, 2008
by Anonymous


You made a mistake, a terrarium is the opposite of an aquarium and contains sand or soil for terrestrial animals like lizards...