JumpSnap, the Jump Rope Without a Rope

Exercise whether it be: yoga, walking, running, aerobics or even martial arts, has always been a big part of my life. I've always found some way to stay fit, but at about every 2 years or so I hit a rut. I get distracted, perhaps bored, and I allow myself to allow work and my kids to keep me too busy to make the time to exercise.

It's been six months worth of distractions this time and very little exercise has been a part of my routine, except for the occasional sun salutation in my living room at night. In six months I feel like my body and mind have aged five years and not in a healthy kind of way. So now, I'm desperate and looking for ANYTHING to get me motivated and back in shape again, on a consistent basis.

In an effort and as a step forward I have subscribed to health related magazines in hopes that here I may find a fitness muse. Well, I found something. I wouldn't call it a muse by any means, but it is definitely amusing. Its called a JumpSnap and it is a rope-free jump rope. I'm not kidding. It's a jump rope without, get this, the rope.

When I saw it I had to ask myself, "Isn't this like having a treadmill without the tread, an exercise ball without air or practicing yoga without patience?" It just doesn't make any sense to me. It's an expensive jump rope too. I mean, come on, I'm not even getting a rope to use.

Because I am a curious person by nature, I went to the JumpSnap website to find out more about this innovative little gadget. Simply put, this fancy little tool, with a handy LCD display, was created to save space and to help people from ever tripping on a jump rope again, since there is no rope to trip on.

Now, I can understand the space benefit. I've been in crowded exercise classes before where I spent most of my time concentrating more on not smacking the face of the person behind me with the rope than on actually jumping it. I must admit, the JumpSnap would have been helpful here.

As for the not tripping over the rope....I can't help but point out that I've always understood that part of using a jump rope when exercising is to learn coordination and control. If you take the rope away doesn't it defeat the purpose? So you trip over the rope a few times, so what, it's no big deal! After the first few mistakes you get the hang of it. At least you should. Then again, I've met some really clumsy people, who absolutely hate to jump rope. They just can't jump high enough or fast enough and the crisscross jump is just disastrous. They quit before they ever get to experience the cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits of jumping rope.

A few didn't quit though and instead put their jump rope away, then jumped to an imaginary rope as their hands twirled in unison. If only they would have thought of the rope-less jump rope first. They could have been fit and had a lot of money in their pocket too.

It just goes to show, even something as simple as a jump rope can be improved upon and exercising made simpler. That's the intention at least. What do you think? Is it something I should try or should I move on to the next thing? Would you try it? See More on Jumpsnap.

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Mar 13, 2007
by Brad LaTour (not verified)

try it before you knock it

Hi Body Beauty,

Thanks for your interest in JumpSnap! Based on your comments, you are exactly the person who benefits from JumpSnap because it's quick, efficient and burns more calories in less time. Rather than debate you on the issues, I'd be more than happy to have you try it for yourself and then give your opinion. I lost 50 lbs myself using JumpSnap and we had a 50 person control group lose 684 lbs and 910 inches in just 12 weeks.....not with some crazy starvation diet but doing it the right way, burning more calories than you consume.

I would also caution you on your comments about coordination. Like you I thought we might lose that part of the traditional exercise. Surprisingly, many people can't even time their arms and their feet properly when they jump, even without the rope. Not to mention the design of JumpSnap is not to build coordination but rather to provide a significant cardio burn which is exactly what it does.

At the end of the day we need everyone to exercise more and if JumpSnap can help because it is easy yet provides great benefit, then its supporting the cause for a healthier nation.

Please let me know if you're interested in trying it. I promise it will get you out of your 6 months rut and get you back on track.




Mar 14, 2007
by Body Beauty


Hi Mr. LaTour,

Thank you for you comments. I'm definitely willing to give JumpSnap a try and review it fairly. Feel free to contact me through our contact form on-line and I can provide more information on the company policy .

I look forward to your email and hopefully a healthier me :)

Have a wonderful day,

Body Beauty 



Nov 4, 2008
by Anonymous