Kameleon 8-in-1 Remote Control

For all the couch geeks out there- if you still don't know how to juggle eight remote controls at a time I have a very simple solution for you. A sleek and sophisticated Kameleon 8-in-1 Remote Control.




This amazingly sleek and sophisticated gadget is a universal unit that can operate up to EIGHT entertainment appliances at once. From your TV and VCR to your DVD, CD, Audio, satellite and cable, this gorgeously svelte, touch sensitive remote does the lot.

This ergonomically designed gadget has an ingenious 'no clutter' key system which means that only the keys of the active device are illuminated at any one time, so you won't see a profusion of confusing FFWD/RWD keys when you're operating your TV! Certain keys even have animations. And just to hammer the final nail in the coffin of other remotes, the Kameleon 8-in-1 Remote Control is also future-proof. A built-in modem enables it to be updated with new device codes via phone or internet download.

Priced at a measely $24, the Kameleon 8-in-1 Remote Control sure is a steal! (Via: Firebox and Amazon)

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Writer-My Blog

May 27, 2008
by Anonymous

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