Essentials to Keep Your Kids Safe

In light of all the media attention with the recent retrieval of the two kidnapped Missouri boys, child safety has once again taken the spotlight. I’ve recently read quite a few articles educating parents about child safety and important information you can tell your kids about how to keep themselves protected.

A great site to check out is . The web site is features child identification products that are really a must-have for any parent. Here’s a look at the items they suggest:

ChildPrint ID Kit®

This kit helps parents easily create a comprehensive record of their child’s personal and medical information, for use in an emergency. If a child goes missing, parents cannot always remember their child’s basic characteristics at such an emotional time, and may not even have a current photo handy. The kit enables parents to immediately give police a complete and accurate description.



ChildPrint ID Kit contains:

  1. A 1" x 5" non-toxic fingerprinting ink strip
  2. A freezer-safe DNA hair sample storage baggie
  3. A pair of Safe Shoes Child ID™ labels
  4. Space to record contact, personal, medical, and physical information
  5. Space to store a 4" x 6" photograph
  6. A 10-finger fingerprint chart
  7. Dental charts for permanent and baby teeth
  8. Two pages of valuable safety tips
  9. A wet-wipe towelette to clean fingers after fingerprinting

Safe Shoes Child ID™

An ingenious product, the Safe Shoes Child ID™ is a self-laminating vinyl label that enables kids to carry personal information hidden in their shoe. Each label has space for 5 phone numbers and 3 names of people your child can call if they are lost or in trouble.

In a high stress situation, such as being lost, a child may forget their phone number, or even their parents' names.

There is a message on the label -- "This child may be lost or in trouble. Please assist by calling contact numbers". In a serious situation, hopefully a child can find a trusted adult and show them their Safe Shoes.


ChildPrint ID Card™

The ChildPrint ID Card™ is a part of the ChildPrint ID Kit®. According to the site, the kit is intended to be kept at home, while the card fits into a wallet for immediate access, and should be carried by parents or guardians, caregivers, grandparents, and other close relatives. They can also be given to babysitters and daycare providers, and have been used as a form of identification for children who are traveling.

Each kit contains:

  1. A non-toxic fingerprinting ink strip
  2. A 12 mil. (sturdy) clear self-lamination pouch
  3. 3.25" x 2" ChildPrint ID Card™ which records complete contact, physical, and medical information, parents'/guardians' contact information, and release signature, plus an adhesive tab to firmly secure a small photo
  4. Complete instructions



This product is the invention of a pediatric dentist who started using bite impressions as a way of keeping his own child safe. Dental imprints are unique to every person, so it’s an accurate identification tool. T

The Toothprints® impression also captures saliva, which is a significant source of human scent, which makes it effective for scent-dog tracking.

The saliva also provides a DNA sample. A dentist takes the impression with the Toothprints® disc. Parents or caregivers can then keep the disc in the provided plastic bag for quick retrieval. contains plenty of useful information on keeping your kid protected including a child safety quiz, information on missing children agencies, and even a downloadable coloring book discussing safety and abduction. Please check out the site. In today's world, your kid's life depends on it.

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Feb 13, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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I love the shoe id and the

I love the shoe id and the toothprints. Awesome. Thanks!

Gloria Campos-Hensley