Bugs Frozen to Death by The Lion Spray

I hate bugs, yucky creepy crawly creatures that even fly to make my life miserable. I swat them, I spray them, I chase them out of my domain, but now it seems I can freeze them!


That's the best piece of news I've had in a long time.

Varsan Hyosatsu Jet SprayVarsan Hyosatsu Jet SprayThe press release from the company, Lion, has this to say about their latest innovation:

1. Powerful minus 40-degree jet spray instantly freeze and kills unpleasant bugs without using chemical pesticide ingredients.
2. Non-pesticide spray is safe to use in the home with small children.
3. Do not leave an unpleasant smell after use because these products contain no chemical pesticide ingredients.
4. Varsan Hyosatsu Jet Spray for Flying Bugs can be used on midges, fruit flies and moth flies. Varsan Hyosatsu Jet Spray for Creeping Bugs can be used on stink bugs, spiders, centipedes, house centipedes, ants and pill bugs.

A single dose from this non-pesticide can freezes those disgusting bugs to 40 degrees below zero, killing them instantly.

The spray is available in two variants, one for flying bugs and the other for creepers. As there are no chemical pesticides, the spray can be used safely around kids.

The powers that be have finally heard my prayers. Now I am just waiting for a friend to make that trip to Japan, so that I can order a dozen cans of Varsan Hyosatsu Jet Spray for myself.

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Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
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May 21, 2007
by Anonymous Bug Hall (not verified)

What Would Happen

if you accidentally sprayed your fingers/hand (or other body part)?  Wouldn't you also have to get really close to the bug to increase the chances of a "direct hit"?   It wouldn't make sense to just spray this stuff into the air at a distance and let it land wherever, and doing so would increase the chances of hitting something other than a bug.  (Interesting idea, though.......I'd like to use it on the creepy "Daddy Long Legs" that I occasionally see in my bathroom!) 

Apr 4, 2008
by Anonymous


Even if it doesn't work... it would be fun to play with.