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Looking for a new way to dance?

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If you've never played Dance Dance Revolution, you are missing out on one of the finer pleasures of life. There is just something about moving your feet to the rhythm of techno music that just creates an instant adrenaline rush. Of course, the challenge is moving your feet at just the right time as the game prompts you. Anyone who could do it perfectly had the chance to be the next Michael Jackson (as far as the dancing part was concerned).

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a one-man dance floor that was the hit at arcades, and pads are available for home versions. However, do you really want a dancing pad cluttering up your household?

Fortunately, Applied Sciences has figured out how you can have a DDR style game in a more compact area. The Laser Dance Matrix is lighter version of the DDR pad, and uses lasers to sense where your foot is falling instead of pads.

The Laser Dance Matrix is USB connectable, but apparently requires another power source (I'm assuming AC power) to get the lasers going. I am going to also assuming that the lasers are probably nearly invisible, because the ones shown in the photo look like something out of Goldfinger.

If this thing ever makes out of the prototype stage, it could create hours of fun in households that would make the Nintendo Wii pale in comparison. Not only that, it would help people shed some pounds as well. There is only one thing missing: the arcade game had bars on the side so DDR players could keep their balance. Without these, the Laser Dance Matrix could make more accidents happen at home. (via Engadget )

Tech Gone Awry
Guest Blogger

May 14, 2007
by Anonymous David Hasslehuff (not verified)

Dancing With The Lasers

sounds like more fun than Dancing With The Losers.

May 14, 2007
by Anonymous Paris Jailton (not verified)

That Looks Too Hard!

And it looks almost as hard as a field sobriety test.

May 14, 2007
by Anonymous Paris Jailtongue (not verified)

Could I Please Have Its Dimensions?

I'm looking for something fun to do in a limited space--would this be smaller than, say, 8' x 10' ?

May 14, 2007
by Anonymous Paris Hillcon (not verified)

Relief From Small Spaces

I believe bungee jumping with Martha Stewart sheets is a popular means of escape from small spaces.  (200 + percale works best, so be careful if you only get 1 percell.)

May 15, 2007
by Anonymous Lance Bass (not verified)

That Looks Like FUN!!

I'm looking for a present to buy for my friend, and I was wondering if this laser dance Matrix is supposed to be co-ed, or is it okay for just a couple guys?

May 24, 2007
by kristy (not verified)


it shouldn't take up more space than a traditional ddr dance pad.

 i thought that was obvious.