Laundry Buddy: Laundry Sorter

34" high by 24" wide rotating laundry hamper with four doors and four removable mesh bags. This allows you to pre-sort your laundry as you go, no more sorting on laundry day. The Laundry Buddy will hold four full loads of laundry, so when one bag is full you simply pull it out of the buddy and dump the laundry into the washing machine. Made of wood it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture.
Robert Gruennert & Lance Messmer
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Invention Status: Patented and on market.
Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

That's just flat out weird.

That's just flat out weird. I understand you are trying to make it look like a piece of furniture why would I want to throw my clothes in a piece that goes in my living room or any part of the house other than bathrooms or laundry room?