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These days we humans are busier than ever, and we have become accustomed to letting technology handle most of our laborious tasks. We've even begun using it to manage our pets, so we don't have to spend repetitive hours walking, feeding, training, playing, toileting, and locating Fido and our felines.

We can harness their bounding energy, see what they are up to remotely, and train them without even trying. Take a look at these six ingenious ways our pets can survive our neglect and practically take care of themselves.

1. Walk the Dog with a Dog-Powered Scooter


Don't feel like walking the dog? Rather than ignore his canine need for exercise, how about harnessing all of that energy and letting him walk you? You can save gas, save the environment, and save your aching knees with a "new concept in near zero emission transportation."

This strapping dog-powered scooter fits easily on bike paths. The "one-dog powered" engine is unaffected by the rider's complete control of speed, steering, and breaking.

Dogs love it because it doesn't take a lot of effort to sled the scooter, and they get exercise next to their beloved owner. Owners love it because they get a free ride! (Pet Product Here.)


2. Feed the Pet with iSeePet

Pet webcams can keep an eye on your pet's eating habits. A remote communication device allows you to see and even interact via the Internet with your pet's meal time so you don't have to "be there." A video camera built right into the feeding unit can peak in on your pet with its 130-degree angle viewer. The spying food dispenser can even sound a "dinner bell" to remind your pet to come and get it. It's a modern day Pavlov's dog approach.

Now you don't have to rush home to put dinner on for the pet that can't wait for you to get there. You can even send the signal to regulate quantity. So it is a matter of spending quantity over quality time with your pet. (Pet Product Here.)


3. Train the Pet with Sofa Scram

Why spend hours chasing the dog or cat off the sofa when you can let a 9-volt battery operated, sonic mat do the training for you? It's instantly activated at the touch of a paw. (Maybe this will work on couch potatoes too?) It emits 85-decibel beeps that will alarm your pet to scram! Don't worry. It won't shock or pain the little guy. It has a washable black nylon exterior so you don't have to worry about cleanliness. The roughly five foot long beeping device can be placed anywhere you don't want your pet to go like countertops, doorways, or beds. Your pet will thank you for the helpful training; and you can go and spend your time elsewhere, perhaps scouring the Internet for more ingenious pet survival gadgets like these. (Pet Product Here.)


4. Play Fetch with the Dog with GoDogGo!

An automatic fetch machine allows a mechanism to play with your dog so you don't have to. Now he can have his own personal playmate in the form of an automated ball launcher. Your dog will have hours of fun at just the press of a button, because this ball of energy needs more time and ambition than you can give.

Provide your dog with the playtime he deserves. Just set the unit to match your dog's ability. Maybe he likes to play from across the yard. This gadget will shoot a ball up to 30 feet every few seconds and it can load 15 tennis balls, which are included! You won't even have to go out and buy them. What a time saver! And get this! If you teach your dog to return the balls he catches, then you can sit back and just watch from the comfort of your "Barker" lounger. (Pet Product Here.)


5. Find Your Pet with PetsCell

Tracking your pet via GPS is just an option with this new device that permits 2-way communication with your pet. Now everyone in the family can have their own cell phone, including Fido. But this device also has a fibre optic camera for search and rescue.

You won't even have to bother looking for Fido yourself. Just give the remote a press and let the device tell you when and where you can retrieve your pesky wonderer. Actually Fido won't be placing any calls, but you could talk to him and give him the command to "come!" Of course another perk is to be able to talk to the nice rescue folks that retrieved him for you.

Marketers see the potential for many different niche market applications for this "retriever" device. Why not consider strapping one of these on the kids before they leave the house? Imagine being able to see what they are up to and where! (Pet Product Here.)


6. Toilet Train Your Cat with CatSeat

Who wants to clean a cat litter box these days, or its entrails? And just like with Fido, we also don't want to spend our days training our feline. Plus, let's face it, endlessly buying kitty litter can be a drag.

This "next generation" mock-toileting technique is all the rage, and your furry friend will feel "puurrrfectly" at home onboard the litter textured seat that encourages elimination. It even satisfies her need to "cover up" her business. She'll never mind the self-closing disposable bag that hangs below to capture the training results.

Once your pet has learned her lesson about toileting, you can sit the gadget over the real thing. Then maybe you can get her to flush. But what happens to the discarded trainer toilet? Use it as a planter. Naah! Too much work. (Pet Product Here.)

We all sometimes feel a bit lazy when it comes to pet care. But we don't want to neglect them. Maybe these or similar products will help you take care of your pet and take the sting out of any guilt you may feel.

What are your thoughts about pets and the manner in which they must survive in our world of busy humans?

Sharon Bender
Guest Blogger

P.S. Thanks to for brining some of these products to my attention.

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Aug 16, 2006
by Anonymous Krazy Kritic (not verified)

My Cats Don't Need Those Things--They Have Me!!!

Here's some supplemental items:

(1) Walk The Dog With A Dog-Powered Scooter
--When Rin Tin Tin takes U for a walk, he becomes Run Tin Tin. Since you are still the driver, you get a non-gas-guzzling foreXfore with standard paws (but no neutral), and optional anti-bark brakes. Out of necessity, it comes with one month of free pet insurance from Fido Direct
--Toyoto is planning a smaller fore-runtintinner to fit toy poodles and other small breeds.
--Incidentally, did you hear the amazing story about a lady named Kaye who had three 3-legged dogs? She hooked 3 units together to make her own Kaye-9 Unit and won first place in the Idogarod

(2) Feed The Pet With iSeePet
--Can also be used with cats, becoming the ultimate Peeping Tom Cat Feeder
--The iPot for Pedigreed Pets uses the sound of a Fancy Feast can lid popping open instead of the low-whisker "dinner bell"

(3) Train The Pet With Sofa Scram
--If you are serious about collaring the culprit or expediting the process, your pet can be linked to the Sofa Scram and your invisible fence to turn beeps into bytes your pet will never forget

(4) Play Fetch With The Dog With GoDogGo!
--Teether ball for dummies, OhNoBadDog, will soon be available. The string attached to the ball will automatically reel in when dog runs 50' away
--For true pet lovers, the LoveDogLove set comes with a portable full-sized tennis court carpet and net. Talking balls say "Love" when they are caught in your dog's mouth

(5) Find Your Pet With PetsCell
--PetCell can be programmed especially for studs and bitches in heat to give them a few more free extra minutes each cycle

(6) Toilet Train Your Cat With CatSeat
--Instead of letting the cat out of the bag, the cat will be going in the bag. This may be cat-ostrophic. If you stick to using Tidy Cat, you'll have a Tidy Bowl, but if you use the CatSeat, you won't have Tidy Bowl--but your Tidy Cat will stay clean. This can complicate matters, but for best results, the following is recommended:
--Never use clumping litter in the CatSeat--a special formula of Dumping Litter is required
--After each use, wipe cat with new Charmanx or Cottontail 4-Paw Tissue to keep sac from sticking to cat's anus and prevent anal sac build-up
--If you are surprised over how well this works, be sure to look for other surprises on your carpet at least once a day.

Aug 16, 2006
by Anonymous KK-2 (not verified)

GoDogGo, Erik-Style

Maybe Erik should create a DogCatcherVest so that dogs can learn how to catch the ball with their hands instead of their mouths!

Feb 18, 2008
by pet door (not verified)



weird but nice! i will be saving this page to my favorites for sure.