Light as Air

It was while re-decorating my house that I came across this innovative light, or should I call it a fan? I think i'll settle for wall fixture since it serves both purposes, of emitting light and creating breeze. The Blow Ceiling Fan with Light by Luceplan is both a light as well as a fan and is innovative as well as a pretty sight to behold.

Blow Ceiling Fan with LightBlow Ceiling Fan with LightNow before you think I'm being blown away by this innovative fan/light let me move on to the basics of this cool new product.

To start, the Blow Ceiling Fan by Luceplan USA, Inc is one of the best quiet ceiling fans on the shelves and creates refreshing breezes with a great design that includes a light above the fan blades.

In the business of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and home accessories to enhance the quality of living, Luceplan is an Italian lighting design firm.

According to the company website, the Blow Ceiling Fan by Luceplan is available with the following options:
Blade Finishes: Blue, Green, Multi (shown), Orange, or Transparent methacrylate
Blade Diameters: 55 in.
Control: Infrared remote control for fan speed, light, and dimming operations (included).
Diffuser: Opal methacrylate
Diffuser Height: 16 in., Diameter 9 in.
Cool Fact: Some colors of methacrylate, also known as 'Acrylic Glass', are manufactured to allow certain infrared wavelengths to pass, making possible the use of an infrared remote control rather than a remote that operates using radio frequencies.
Lighting: Provides diffused lighting. It utilizes one 150 Watt 120 Volt A21 Soft White Medium Base Incandescent lamp (not included).
Motor: Mounted on ball bearings, this quiet ceiling fan operates at 32 decibels.
Cool Fact: Zero decibels is the internationally-recognized threshold of hearing. A typical quiet whisper averages 30 decibels.
Reverse Switch: Yes

Blow Ceiling Fan with LightBlow Ceiling Fan with Light I so loved this fan/light that started working on rewiring a room in my house to accommodate the new addition. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the fan operates on normal existing electrical wires; and does not require extra wires for installation.

Really cool, the Blow Ceiling Fan with Light by Luceplan .

The price is a bit high at $744.93, but that I guess is the price one has to pay to add some oomph to ones home. Check out the for more interesting lighting solutions.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer

May 20, 2007
by Anonymous Fannie Mae (not verified)

Light Above the Fan Blades

Won't the fan blades interfere with the light?  Who wants fan blade shadows moving around the room?  Glad you like it, but I think it is too plain and expensive even compared to a nice chandelier.