LighTalk II LED Sequential Display Unit Amazes & De-Lights!

You may have seen static LED display units in shop windows or on desktops in the past, but the LighTalk II LED Sequential Display Unit from Japan's Compact Impact instantly makes them obsolete. Why? Because the LighTalk II goes from static to ex-static! Check this out: The LighTalk II doesn't just stand there, flashing the same soon-to-be tiresome message to your glazed-over eyes. The sleek pen shape (available in Black or White) is conveniently portable. When you're ready to flash someone, just whip it out!

Ahem... let's stay focused, people. The LighTalk II combats image fatigue by allowing you to scan & store up to eight different images. Waving the device in a metronome-like fashion displays your choice of image in orange LED light and in a large 4" by 7" size. To really impress friends, co-workers and potential pick-ups, scan several images and use the sequential display function to perform mid-air animations!

Perhaps the cleverest attribute of the LighTalk II is its ability to share. When you encounter another LighTalk user (and it's bound to happen, maybe sooner than you think) who exhibits obvious image envy, take pity on the poor newbie and beam him/her the desired image file using the LighTalk II's Wireless Image Transfer function.

The LighTalk II LED Sequential Display Unit is available in your choice of Black or White at the discounted price of $29.50 plus shipping from Compact Impact. 2 AAA batteries (not included) provide 10 hours of continuous use. Visit CI at their new US showroom at 71 Broadway, Suite 19C, New York, NY., but be sure and call in advance for an appointment!

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer