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Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Blank Screen

I've gotten almost nothing but a blank screen every time I've tried this site for the past week....what's up?

Jun 20, 2006
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Hi Anonymous: Thank you for

Hi Anonymous:

Thank you for the comment. You should not be having this problem. What browser are you using? Is anyone else having the same problem?

We upgraded our site last week and there may be some glitch. If you would just drop us your email address in our contact box, we'll get our technical team to figure this out with you.

Thanks for your help,


Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Now I See You!!!!!

I don't know what you did, but now everything is visible. Guess you terminated your ghostwriters, huh?

Jun 20, 2006
by admin2015
admin2015's picture

Website Issues

We're still struggling to keep up with the large amount of traffic that this site receives. The default caching mechanism for this site, which helps speed up the site, doesn't seem to work correctly. We've turned it off for now.

We'll be making anouncement shortly about another server migration, our third in three months, for this site. We've tapped the capacity out our virtual dedicated server, and plan to make a large jump to a powerful dedicated server.

American Inventor Spot

Jun 26, 2006
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

Default caching mechanism.

To solve that all you have to do is subscrablimatize the Pannanderd kerflatislumph, silly.

How about adding a "current events" section to the site, where people can post links to news stories related to the show and inventions? Whatever happend to the BulletBall table that was still, last we heard, lost? I heard Mark was donating SackMasters down in Fla. recently. What's up with the Anecia?

Who cares about how a stupid computer works!!?

Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery

Jun 29, 2006
by Marc Griffin (not verified)

BulletBall Table

It's been almost 6 months....and no BulletBall table. Someone is enjoying a game of Bulletball in their home as we speak I'm sure.
How can you "lose" a table?

Marc Griffin
"The BulletBall Guy"

Jul 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Vulgar comments

Sorry, I'm not interested in writing, but I assume you monitor the responses here perhaps more frequently than elsewhere, so I thought you'd have a better chance of reading my message/concern.

I noticed that someone deleted the obnoxious anonymous postings that were not accompanied by a comment, but I was surprised that you did not delete the last two comments under "11 Foolish Ways We Spoil Our Kids". It seems that you have deleted similar kinds of remarks, not to truly "censor", but to eliminate vulgar remarks that make no contribution whatsoever to this site. Perhaps you didn't notice them yet?

Jul 16, 2006
by Hot Spot Mama

Thanks for the Catch

Its hard for us to monitor all the comments and it takes a couple of days to catch some of the them.  Thanks for the Catch.  Its been taken cared of.  BTW - you can also email us at the contact link on the navigation bar up top.



Nov 2, 2006
by Krasny Staw (not verified)

Geez, this site is awesome

Geez, this site is awesome dude....



help me get money for new dual core processor;] and click ads/ links.

Jan 26, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Cute idea.

Cute idea.

Feb 2, 2007
by Carey Formula (not verified)

Fear - Take the Challenge

While giving presentations and speeches is a part of my daily life, it is also one of my greatest challenges. When I was only five years old my father and I made a commitment to each other, we decided that we would NEVER let fear control our lives.

I often get asked,
“You do all these very daring things, are you ever afraid?”
The answer is yes! I get afraid just like everyone else but you can’t let that hold you back. My formula is not only a business formula but also a formula for life and how to succeed in it. I developed a formula that would allow me to achieve my goals, understand my mistakes and learn from them. I knew if I covered all my bases my chances for success would increase.

But what happens when you have a fear that is so intense that it falls under the category of a phobia? Well, I know because I have one. My phobia is public speaking. I’ve had it since college. I had a professor once who made me stand in front of the class and talk about something I knew nothing about. I felt humiliated and embarrassed to a point that it is still a very vivid memory. I remember my heart racing and the words just not coming out of my mouth. I remember my whole body trembling while I was trying to speak. Since then I have tried everything to get over my phobia. I’ve seen a medical doctor but realized there wasn’t much he could do. I’ve seen a therapist and again after years of work, nothing. I even have tried hypnosis. The only comfort I have is using breathing techniques before I speak or present.

What is crazy about this whole thing is that presenting, speaking and storytelling is probably my greatest gift. I often hear stories of famous musicians and athletes who have similar feelings before they perform but yet they move on and push through it. So I knew I could too. I must say that moving forward with my fear gives me an incredible feeling. My commitment to my father has allowed me not to feel bound by my fear.

I share this story with you in hope that you too might make that same commitment, to commit to never let fear control your life. I have found over the years that just about everyone has a fear. It may not be as intense as my phobia of public speaking, but still something that might be holding you back. I have a challenge for you, identify and write down your fear, embrace it, get to know it intimately. Then write down baby steps that will allow you to move forward with your fear. I promise you that you will feel empowered by even the smallest step that allows you to move forward.

Many people procrastinate I believe it is not because they are lazy but because change is uncomfortable. It always helps me to write down a “to-do list” of things I want to accomplish. Bite off this elephant one leg at a time and it will become much easier to tackle. I truly believe there is no challenge or problem you cannot handle or overcome. My advice is to face your fear and move forward.

Feb 2, 2007
by Carey Formula (not verified)

My Invention-TheCarey Formula

never willing to settle for the workaday world of a traditional career. For the last twenty-years I have forged an independent path for myself as an inventor and entrepreneur.

In The Carey Formula, I openly shares the secrets to my success.

This book differs from any other in its category. Using my success and failures as case studies Igive readers an all-access pass to information and opportunity. This book is a one of a kind, hands-on guide to “making it” in the business world. Nowhere else can you get such lucrative information backed by real life experience.

The Carey Formula provides you with the information and inspiration you need to set up your independent and self-funded business. I share with you my secret formula and patent pending process that made me over 30 millions dollars for Hairagami with an investment of less than $1000.

I demonstrate the basic purpose of my formula: How to bring a product to market with the lowest possible up front cost and how you can sell your product to merchants BEFORE you invest in production runs. I also provide examples of how you can use the proceeds from initial product sales to fund media promotional campaigns to increase sales.

Everyone dreams of escaping the demands of a rigid workplace, the long hours, the even more rigid bosses and rules, by employing The Carey Formula you can break free of these constraints to live your dream.

The Carey Formula offers that inspiration and step by step guidance for anyone who has ever thought, “I’ve got a great idea.”