Random Good Links: Halloween 2006

PimpkinPimpkinHi Folks:

We are going to try something new on our site.

Folks have asked us why we don't link to some of the great content on the web. Our response was that since we're a site focused on inventions, innovations and interesting ideas, many of the links that we like were not quite on topic of our site.

But with reflection, we realized that with so much great content floating around, we should share some of it with you. Thus, we are going to post random links from time to time of what we think is worthy of sharing.

So to start off this series, we share with you here some of our Favorite Halloween Links:

Outrageous Halloween Costumes via Zipped.org

Marth Stewart's Turkey Costume via Davezilla

One Really Convincing Halloween Decoration Idea via SaveManny.com

Great Halloween Links including Top 10 Best Ghost Photos from the always great Miss Cellenia

More Great Halloween Links from Outhouse Rag and Presurfer and a truly exceptional collection at SeeHere


And here are just some interesting links for those already sick of Halloween:

Arctic 1Arctic 1

Steve's Weird House via Attu

Cool Sony Barvia LCD Television Ad via Presurfer

Cool Look at our air traffic via Ueba.net

Want to sketch some furniture and make it real? via UniqueDaily.com

Hunky Men of Freedom is Not Free via Oomelissokomos.blogspot.com

International Rules of Manhood (posted for Monday, October 23, 2006 at bottom of page) via the Goose.org.uk

Arctic Photo Gallery via Nothing to Do with Arbroath

Your Guide to the Gods via the always interesting thesunmachine.net


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