Listen Up To All The Things That You Shouldn't

You bought a new outfit and want to know what others have to say about it? Listen Up

You just made a Speech and would love to know what others have to say about it. Listen Up

Wife is sleeping but you just cannot miss that fav match. It's too loud. Listen Up.

Those two are chatting away with a side glance at you every now and then.You'd give anything to know the topic of their conversation. Well, Listen Up.

Poke, Pry, Snoop and much more with the Listen-Up Personal Sound Amplifier. Listen Up is a credit card sized sound amplifying device which can be easily slipped into your pocket or clipped to your belt. Simply insert the earphones, adjust the volume to the desired level and Whoa! You can hear every unsavory detail in crystal clear detail..

The device has some practical uses too. It helps you be considerate. You can now watch your show or listen to your music without forcing it down everybody else's ears too. Just turn the TV or radio down to low volume for other people in the room, and turn your Listen Up to high volume for yourself.

A word of caution! Beware of sudden loud noises or you will find yourself with a pair of very painful eardrums.

This hearing device is bound to be a favorite with a price tag of only $14.99.

Can you visualize other scenario which could use a Listen Up? We would love to hear from you about ways you could use this great device? Any ideas?

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Blogger