Logitec LDS-iALARM iPod Alarm Clock - Sleepers Awake!

Want to declutter your nightstand? How about combining your ipod and clock?

Our Guest Blogger, Steve Levenstein, is a writer, copywriter and
Japanophile from Toronto, Canada. The tide of wild, wacky and wonderful
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He has some great inventions from Japan to share with the readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com. Here's his article:

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Brand spanking new for 2007 is the Logitec LDS-iALARM Clock! It may look like a pre-electronic age twin bell alarm clock - the kind that woke you for school with an intensely annoying clang-clang-clang with no precious snooze button to make it please, please, pleeeze stop already - OK, gotta get a grip, this is 2007... anyway, those bad old days are long gone. Today we can enjoy the Gain without the Pain, thanks to this cute clock that does much more than just look cool on the bedside table.

"What's up, dock?" Since you're asking, I'll tell you that smack dab in the center of the front face where the dial would normally be is an iPod dock. And yes, it will perfectly accommodate most any iPod (even 1st & 2nd generation Nano's) thanks to a cleverly designed adjustment dial that fits the dock to the iPod instead of the other way around. Thoughtful touches abound in the LDS-iALARM Clock, including a snooze button on top (thank you!) and a pair of inboard 6W, 38mm speakers that protrude like ears where the clangers used to be. Simply set your preferred wake-up time through the iPod, pop it in the dock, and wake to your fave tunes. Not only do you wake refreshed and ready to take on that world; so does your iPod - it's been happily charging away in the dock while you've been lost in slumberland.

The LDS-iALARM from Logitec clock is just 5" high and weighs in at ¾ pounds, comes in your choice of White or Black to complement your bedroom décor scheme, and includes an AC adaptor that may also require a voltage converter to work properly (or at all, actually).

The Logitec LDS-iALARM iPod Alarm Clock is available for $99.00 plus $9.90 shipping via USPS Express Mail from AudioCubes. (via Core77 )

Steve Levenstein
Guest Blogger