Mac Tablet : Tablet of Dreams

Curious what would be an ideal tablet concept?

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This product is one of those that is under development, and may never be put into production due to the fact that we may never have the technology for it.

The MacTab, designed by Yann Le Coroller, is the type of laptop we dream of having in the future. As you can see, it is ultra skinny, but I think the question is whether we can make laptops this skinny. Even though I can't lift it now, I would like to think that it would be exceptionally light.

Yet skinny and light aren't the only selling points of the MacTab. As you can see, it has a wireless keyboard that can detach from the unit altogether. Apparently, it uses a series of notches and magnets so when the keyboard is in, it is protecting the screen quite well.

You may have notice that the non-keyboard part of the unit has an excellent hinge that allows you to stand it up as if it were a desktop.

I've seen this picture and articles about this concept on many a gadget site. Everyone seems to give this Mactab raving reviews, and wanting one of their own. I think it's time that Apple listened to the voice of the people. Give us the Mactab, or gives us better Macbooks. (Via Gizmodo )

Tech Gone Awry
Guest Blogger