Computer Faces Now Interactive with ViSO

Would you like the face on a computer screen interact with you?

Tech Gone Awry, our Guest Blogger, is a full-time freelance writer who enjoys writing about the latest in technology, as well as fiction. He lives in Pullman, Washington with his wife and three children. He wanted to share some of the latest in gadgets with the readers of Here's his article:

* * * * *

Although she is not real, her eyes follow me as I move across the room.

She is not a painting. A painting would look more real. As it is, she looks too real.

It might have been easier to fall for the Mona Lisa. However, Mona cannot move her lips in sync with mine. It's almost like we have a conversation.

I reach out and touch her mouth, and it accepts my fingers by opening. I use my other hand to touch her eye, and she winks. Just don't touch the nose, or she goes away. I guess everyone has places they don't like to be touched.

Now, for the rest of her digital body...

Okay, except for that last part, the technology for this story exists now. A French programmer has crafted an artificial face for a digital frame that responds to your movement, as well as your touch. It does not surprise me that he designed the face to be a woman's, and an attractive one at that. (via Tech-E-Blog).

Personally, I couldn't think of any use for this technology, except for maybe a more interactive experience with an artificial person. I could have easily gone into a cyberporn direction with my story above, and that's probably where this tech would be used if it is ever put into production.

However, I might just need to get my mind out of the gutter. I suppose creating these interactive faces might make our technology seem more human, and therefore more user-friendly. I think that a digital face with eyes that follow you is kind of creepy, and I can't seem to get that out of my mind.

Take a look at the demo video and tell me what you think?

Tech Gone Awry
Guest Blogger

May 12, 2008
by Anonymous