Seth Says: Mad Lib Journalism


Today's post doesn't need much elaboration. I just found the site today and thought the rest of you out there would get a kick out of this throwback site that takes a jab at news articles. Mad Libs were the perfect boredom killer at a slumber party or during the church sermon (Sorry, Brother Ben), and when can you honestly say when you did one last?

Well, take a few minutes on The Morning News Website to fill out Michael Y. Park's noun/verb vacant text and see what you come up with. Park's hysterical Mad Lib is representative of how so many journalism stories out there follow a similar format only with different nomenclature. Be as wacky as you want and you'll end up with your very own piece of copy that centers around whatever you want. Copy and paste when finished and proudly display your journalistic skills.

Seth Plattner
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