Mandylion Password Manager

Innumerable user Ids and equally large number of passwords; Remembering them is, well a Herculean task!

I tried to write all user Ids and passwords on one file and secured it with a password. I thought that was a smart move till I realized that just after two sessions I had forgotten the password to that file.

Password management had become the bane of my life till I came across this gadget which stores up to 50 logins. That’s right Mandylion Password Manager can securely manage up to 50 logins. It not only stores passwords which are up to 14 characters or namespaces in length but also prompts you to change them at preset time intervals. What’s more it is tamper – resistant. Hence, the minute someone tries to break into the system, a tampering warning message will flash when you activate it.

The good things don’t stop at that. The data is stored in permanent memory, so it is unaffected by battery life or loss of power. It has cradle connection via USB. It complies with all DoD, Govt. & Industry Password Security Policies. For someone as forgetful as me it has a lockout alarm too.It comes with a one year warranty too.
Last but not the least, the Mandylion Password Manager’s authenticity is verified by the fact that it was tested and matured for three years by the US Forces in real war fields. So if you had any doubts simply banish them!

The Kit contains a token, a configuration cradle and a Policy Master Configuration Software (for Windows only).

Details: $50 from

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