Manufacturing Your Invention or Product Idea

Finding the right manufacturer for your products is a critical step in the success of your product. What you need to do to get your product manufactured depends very much on what it is and how much you need of the item.

How To Find A Good Manufacturer For Your Product

If you have a network of folks who are familiar with the manufacturing process, you have a much less challenging task in finding a suitable manufacturer. So if you have possible sources for referral, ask around.  If you had help from a prototyper, they would be a great resource to draw upon for possible suggestions on who and how you can find a good manufacturing partner.

If you don't have a great referral, to start your due diligence on finding a manufacturer for your item on your own, the first place to start is with searches on the internet. Research the topic extensively and then when you think you have a good grasp on what you think you may likely need and the issues you need to address, you can go and start interviewing potential manufacturers or hire a manufacturing consultant to help guide you through the process.

Good resources, in addition to the ones listed here, to find potential manufacturing partners are online resources such as, and

Another great resource is your local store. Look at items similar to yours and look on the packaging to find who makes that product. Chances are if they can't manufacturer the item for you, they could be a source for a good referral to a manufacturer that can help you.

Make sure that when you find potential manufacturers for your product, you do the necessary due diligence to make sure you have a deep and broad understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your potential partners. Make sure you have at least two or three manufacturing candidates that you consider before making a final decision on the producer for your invention.


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