Market Research For Your Invention Idea

Before you invest a lot of time on your invention idea, the first thing you should do is make sure that the product does no already exist on the market.  How do you find out if your idea for an invention is already out there for sale? It's pretty need to do a lot of searching.

To find out if your product idea is already on the shelves or if similar products are already available, start first with a simple search on and Try to use a large variety of words that could be used to describe your product idea. Also, do a search on and and other online product sites that would likely carry your invention if it was already on the market. 

If you can't find what you are looking for at the major online retailers, then go walk around the major big box stores in your category and if available, specialty shops that would be likely to carry your invention once it was available in the market. Take a close look at how similar items are displayed, packaged and priced.

If you don't find anything after doing a quick search online and at the retail stores, then proceed to conducting a more extensive search including a patent search and doing the necessary market analysis. The resources below may help you start your research:

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Industry and Market Analysis for Your Invention Idea