Eco-Friendly Millet Mobile Charger

millet mobile chargermillet mobile chargerThe Millet mobile charger is like any other charger, just another gadget. One would well ask what is so special about it that it merits a mention in this article. So, to begin with let me tell that this charger works anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, it is specially made to warm the green heart in you. That's right its eco-friendly too.

It is actually a very simple device which runs on human power. The mobile charger from Millet ensures that next time your mobile runs out of power; you will not be using electricity. It requires just a little winding up and your mobile phone is ready to be charged.

This mobile charger made by Peter Storm is eco-friendly in more ways than one. It not only saves electricity but it is also made from organic and recycled materials. The phone charger is part of a gadget set that also includes a wind-up head torch, standard torch, solar radio and lantern. It's also compatible with most phones.

So Three Cheers for Peter Storm. Let's all buy it and do our bit to save the earth! You can purchase it through the Millet website. (Via UnpluggedLiving)

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Writer- My Blog