Have Money to Burn? Pay $10,000 for Fake Eyelashes

Shu Uemura EyelashesShu Uemura EyelashesWhile we are out there searching for things to write about, we come across some ridiculously expensive products. I'm talking about products that should cost about 1% of the asking price. So we have started a new weekly series called "Have Money to Burn ...." Come back every week and see what crazy thing your hard earned money can buy you.

Shu uemura Artistic Director, Gina Brooke, custom designed these diamond eyelashes exclusively for Madonna. These custom mink false eyelashes are adorned with 0.75 carats of diamonds featuring a unique new diamond cut - the "Star Shimmer Cut". (See Diamond Eyelashes)

Have money to burn? You can get yourself a pair. A single pair of the $10,000 shu uemura false eyelashes will be exclusively available at seven Neiman Marcus stores. For us poor folks, we'll have to settle on buying the synthetic versions (fake) ones made by the same company which costs $25. (see False Diamond Eyelashes)


Oct 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is crazy. I mean fake

This is crazy. I mean fake eyelashes are totally disposable arent' they? Who the heck would buy something like this.

Oct 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

At that price,

someone ought to stick them on Richard Pryor's eyelashes and light them for him.

Oct 19, 2006
by Mom2fur (not verified)


Oh, poor Madonna. I feel like I deserted her. She needed someplace to dump $10,000 and I wasn't there to take it from her! So she had to buy those silly eyelashes. (And now some poor mink is missing a few hairs. Well, better than missing a few marbles!) I'll try harder next time! Madonna...next time you need to unburden yourself of those annoying piles of money...I'm here!

Oct 22, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


seems to adopt all kinds of things these days. She should get some lashes, not eyelashes.

Did I hear correctly when someone at the adoption agency or whatever referred to her as a "nice Christian lady"??? Gag me.