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4. Store Your Computer in a Carboard Desk

Cardboard Desk This computer desk and shelves set is made of 100% recyclable carboard. When you are done using the desk, you can just flatten it to a pulp, literally!

What's cool is that you can put your books and your booze all in one place, and if you have guests over to your miserable hovel, you can just close this thing up so they can't see all your crud. And if they get really curious, you can just pour some water on it and just melt it down just enough to make opening it really difficult. (Furniture )

4. Fold Your Own Cardboad Furniture

Carboard FurnitureCarboard FurnitureCardBoard Furniture 2CardBoard Furniture 2

foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids, handmade by you. The downloadable patterns can be printed out with any printer. Follow the instructions and assemble a stable piece of furniture. (see Furniture)





Coffee Table Turns Into Bed

According to, "Toronto's Julia West Home has been doing transformer furniture for years; This very simple coffee table has a top that lifts off, lines up perfectly with the base, with a mattress inside that unfolds, creating a guest bed. No expensive mechanisms necessary, nothing to break or wear out. US$ 900 in wood veneer, more in solid woods." (see Furniture)



6. Sleep On a Bed That Turns Into A Cardboard Box












Store Books on a Shelf That Turns Into A Bench

Book Shelf BenchBook Shelf BenchMerchant says of the Scissor Shelf Mobile Furniture Unit:

"This unit can be reduced to a package just 24 cm in height for transportation purposes. The spacing between the shelves can be fixed as you like: 33 cm for folders or 28 cm for books.
Weight: 31 kg. The shelves come in natural beech (with or without varnish) or ash (varnished in black). The scissor-action supports are only available in anodised aluminium." (see Mobile Furniture via via


UPDATE: I just found an item after writing this article that I love so I am including this in my 7, now 8 inventive ways to live in a closet.

8. Carry a Briefcase with Chair and Table





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