Most Prolific Commenter Contest

Several months ago, we had announced a casual competition at

We announced that we would give a fun invention from our Invention Gallery. to the registered user with the most comments posted in the forums and in the blogs from February 15 to March 15.

After announcing the prize, we just plain forgot about this contest until recently.

So after months of delay, we would like to announce that the Grand Prize winner for the most comments and the winner of Most Prolific Commenter Prize is Bottle Sling Guy with 23 posts (followed by Johnnie D with 16 posts, Pktwatch with 12 posts and Roger Brown with 12 posts).

What's the fun prize?

The prize is Naughty Knot Lingerie. Gina Huerta, the inventor, had generously donated the lingerie. She wanted to share the happy news with the readers of that due in part to her lingerie appearing on the American Inventor show for Season One, she has gotten a licensing deal. The Naughty Knot Lingerie will  be available in 900 stores throughout 40 countries
including Spencer Gift Stores by the end of the year.

Congratulations Bottle Sling Guy!

Today, we are announcing a new competition for the Most Prolific Commenter in the month of June. Yes, it's true.. I am even a few days late in announcing this contest. Better late than never, no?

The inventor from our Invention Gallery who will be donating this month's fun prize is Roger Brown. He will send to the registered user with the most comments in the blogs and the registered user with the most comments in the forums each the Quick Clip. The Quick Clip, the Sunglass Holder for Vehicles, is being sold nationwide at Sunglass Hut.

So please join in the fun and share your thoughts in our blog postings and in our forums. If you have the most comments this month, you will win a Quick Clip.

We will even try and be timely in announcing the winner of June's "Most Prolific Commenter" award.

Also, if you have an invention you would like to donate as a future Fun Prize, please contact us.

Michelle Team

Jun 4, 2007
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

It's the perfect thing to

It's the perfect thing to get this site on Leno... me in the KnautyKnot EmbarassedLaughing

Thanks guys!


Jun 4, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

I think someone should lead

I think someone should lead a work group on how to get media attention for this site and our inventors on a practical level.  Maybe with all your ideas, it should be you?

I would really think about pitching a story to media of perhaps inventors with good ideas rejected by American Inventor and what they are doing without the American Inventor show or something like that? or joining together on this site to create their own buzz?

Get a story pitch angle that will work, round up volunteers and pull together a media list, and let's see what we can do with this?

Perhaps different pitches for different media?

Example, how do we get on Howard Stern? What inventors, what story can we use and how can we get it done?

NPR, what's the story, who are inventors leading that effort, how do we get it done?

 I like this idea so I am going to post this in the forums.


Jul 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Most Prolific Writer--June Contest

Hey--did you forget to announce the winner (again)????  July is almost over, but there still may be time to get that sunglass holder to BSG (Bull-Shit Guy), if he won again. (He can use it to hold a bottle sling on his visor when riding in the car.)

Maybe someone else won this time?