How To Never Write Anything You'll Regret

So, have you ever been in a situation where you pounded out something hateful or embarrassing on your keyboard, pressed send and then immediately regretted it?

Me? I've done it so many times I can't even begin the remember them all.

Well, I found a solution to that problem that too many of us have...diarrhea of the hands. The solution is ingenious really.

Have you ever thought if you are not able to type into your computer, then you'll never regret anything you write? Well, me neither, but someone did.

How do you keep from writing on your computer?

Well this nifty little device is sure to keep you from writing all the stupid stuff you tend to write.

If you lack self-control, you can buy this totally blank keyboard called Das Keyboard and for all those who don't have the keys already memorized, you won't be able to type. Clever, huh?

Ok, you may ask me what is the use of a keyboard with no letters. But if you are looking for a way to limit your ability to use your computer to write your daily inanities, a more appropriate keyboard may be your answer.
















ThinkGeek offers this and it says about their little product "You mastered Donkey Kong in pre-school. You hacked your first school terminal during recess before you were ten. You speak and think in various programming languages. And you can type faster than most dullards think. Finally, there is a keyboard that understands you: Das Keyboard. Das Keyboard II is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equipped with 100% blank keys mounted on gold-plated and clicky high-end mechanical key switches. .. Give your old keyboard Das Boot with Das Keyboard, and remain Das Elite."

You can see the keyboard/buy the keyboard at Think Geek by just clicking on their ad below and searching for keyboards. They actually have some very cool and some very weird keyboards, so its definitely worth taking a look there if you're killing time.

Remember, one fool's wacky is another fool's cool.

Amused and Bemused

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UPDATE: I got some comments from a reader that showed some confusion. For those who don't know me, I write on wacky and weird products and I make fun of them. I thought this product was funny and I just wrote something stupid (thus proving my point about diahrrea of the hands) as a means to share my latest find with you. If you don't read my article and just look at the pictures, it may be more amusing for you.

Do you think this was a good wacky find? or is this stupid? You can give me feedback, cuz I can take it.


Jul 21, 2006
by Matt Wood (not verified)


I don't get it... How is this supposed to take away what you just wrote?? If anything, this device will assist you in writing things you don't really want to say by allowing you to type your dumb idea's out faster.

I think the title is really, REALLY misleading.

Jul 21, 2006
by Same as Above ^^ (not verified)

Oh, sorry, I re-read the

Oh, sorry, I re-read the article and I understand. Guess I missed the line about not knowing where the keys were. Doesn't really apply to me, though, because I never look at the keyboard, so I'd be able to use that particular keyboard.

Sorry for the confusion. :)

Jul 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

A world of two halves ( or the haves and the haven'ts)

Ah the Das Keyboard it has no instructions...Der Keyboard will be very Swiss and tell you in no uncertain terms how the keys are to be pressed and in what order. Thank you very much etc.

Aug 1, 2006
by Fertyop (not verified)

Bad Review.

This doesn't stop you from making those stupid comments you immediatly regret. Sure it trains you to not look at the keyboard when typing but I don't either and I'm still making stupid comments that I regret.

All we need now is a time machine or maybe a personal entourage like on those beer commercials(forget which brand) that filter out what you said.

Aug 2, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


If you make a typo and catch it, how do you go about erasing it? "Wite-Out" won't work when there is no write-in. If you try to erase something from nothing, wouldn't the result be less than nothing--a negative letter, which is precisely what you were trying to avoid? Could you just try to make your brain go blank? But, if you are already using this type of machine, isn't your brain already empty? Is there a TABula rosa key?

Aug 12, 2006
by Matt Wood

@ Bad Review

Beer commercial... That reminds me of those Bud commercials where the friends in the house pick up the phone and talk to eachother:



Man... They were cool. SO cool.


But I bet it sold beer.


Aug 31, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Not so wacky. I've been a

Not so wacky.
I've been a touch-typist for years, but I realized that I glance at the keys anyway, (for no other reason than habit) which invariably slows you down. Last year I pulled all the alphabetical keys off my keyboard and sanded the letters off of them with fine sandpaper wrapped around a dowel. My habit of peeking at the keys disappeared, my speed went _way_ up and my accuracy (after an initial dip) has improved beyond prior levels.

I'm now toying with the idea of installing braille bumps on my keys...