New can on the block

Tired of seeing your Garbage can blown, or stolen, or ravaged by animals? This weighted system prevents all three,ensuring the can is rooted to the spot. The garbage can secure neatly into a perform base filled with water; snap locks secure the can to the base. The lid fastens securely with locking clasps. The base is equipped with wheels for portablity. Terrific for urban or commercial use. Features and benefits: - Can tops locks for security - Hose can be included for filling and draing water from base - Prevent garbage can theif and animal intrusion - Base in portable and can be built for one or two cans. - Also has a removable handle - Water level indicator allows you to check water level. - Refuse can acessory keeps trash in side can and keeps can in place. - keeps trash can from being blown away. - eliminates todious and messy clean up; perfect for homes, and buisness alike.
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 5897018