"Shot Guard" Underwear Foils Freaky Photographers

Thanks to new "ShotGuard" underwear from Cramer Japan, female athletes, students and children are now protected from digital infrared photography.

Yes indeed, Japan's legendary hentai (perverts) have found a new way to get their jollies: snapping photos of female athletes through their sports wear. It seems that these Bizarro Superman wannabes are adapting the night-function capabilities of ordinary camcorders to take infrared photographs of unsuspecting women & children in the daytime!

Since infrared radiation (known to us regular folks as heat) is emitted by the skin, the modified cameras can record the surface of said skin. The result is kind of dark and grainy, much like the thoughts of the perverted paparazzi.

Luckily, word of this nefarious practice somehow got back to the creative geniuses at Cramer Japan , one of the country's largest sportswear manufacturers.

It wasn't long before Cramer's technicians came up with an effective way to beat the heat and promptly took "ShotGuard" underwear to market.



According to Cramer Japan's president Takashi Hokazono, "By introducing conditions that make photography more difficult, the number of malicious photographers will decrease." I wouldn't bet on it, Takashi, but certainly ShotGuard underwear should provide a little peace of mind to female athletes and students who worry about inadvertently auditioning for too-candid camera.

 Cramer Japan (not affiliated with Seinfeld's Kramerica Industries) markets ShotGuard underwear in Small, Medium and Large sizes and is due to introduce a complementary line of ShotGuard breast pads. Peeping Tom-san's must be "shutter-ing" in their boots!

ShotGuard underwear from Cramer Japan is available direct from the manufacturer and probably at major Japanese department stores as well. Pricing is 2000 Yen per pair, but only 1600 Yen if you're a member.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer