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Looking for a great new toy for your pet?

Our Guest Blogger, Lexy Schuh, is a stay-at-home mother and an ex-teacher trying to enrich herself through her many writing projects. She has written about the latest trends for pet for readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Here's her article:

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Fido will beg to be put in the doghouse if his pad is equipped with these innovative new pet toys.

If chasing tails, sniffing other dogs' backsides and squirrel-chasing just isn't filling up your pet's free-time, a whole slew of new toys are coming out this fall to complete your pet's busy schedule. We've got something for every furry friend out there in this overview of cool new pet products.

Tennis Ball Launcher

Could your dog chase a tennis ball around for days on end? A dozen times is okay. But after all that one-sided movement, your movable body parts start to curse that blasted ball and you look for a quick exit. Fido has other plans, though. He just keeps looking up at you with those little sad, puppy-dog eyes, and you realize there's no out. Now, with the new Tennis Ball Launcher , you can propel that ball with ease and even use the device to pick up the ball without bending over. It swings like a golf club and sends that puppy (the tennis ball not the dog) up to 100 yards away. Your furry friend will be entertained, and you'll be free of aches and pains.



Toys In All Sizes

Put a regular-sized dog toy in front of your pocket pup, cat or small pet, and she'll just be dwarfed and confused by the mammoth plaything. Premier Pet Products, makers of the popular Busy Buddy treat-dispensing dog toys, launches a new line of toys designed just for your shrimpier pet.

They've got the squeak appeal, the squeeze appeal and the playful designs that the big boys get but just the right size for the little guys. Height-challenged pets everywhere will no longer need to feel slighted and ashamed. They can move out from under their Napolean complexes and wag their tails up high.

Chasing Lights

The Petsport USA Laser Chaser could be used in an office setting, I suppose, but coworkers might wonder what that furry thing hanging out of your pocket is. This new product can be enjoyed by pets of all types, but I suspect it is really designed for the pet parent's amusement. Just point the rodent-shaped device at the wall, and your pet will be riveted. Follow the bouncing dot. Follow the bouncing dot. They could do that for hours! But, YOU might just have the most fun--- trying to get Kitty to scale the wall in pursuit of the imaginary prey. For anyone who is looking for this product, it's so new that we haven't been able to anyone selling it yet.

After all of the material gadgets and gifts we treat ourselves with, don't our fine furred friends deserve a little something, too? Plus, these cool new pet products won't cost an arm, leg and a paw.

Lexi Schuh
Guest Blogger

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Sep 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

My Three Cents

(1) Tennis Ball Launcher: Evil-minded or lazy customers may opt for the "Shot Put" version, which lets you clean up your dog's yard waste by hurling it to the end of the street (soon to be known as the fecal-culde-sac

(2) Toys In All Sizes: I'm so glad they made them purple since wrong-sized dogs were choking on the Greenies

(3) Chasing Lights: Light stays green while you are playing gung ho, turns yellow when you are getting tired of playing, and turns red when it is time to stop. Should NOT be used in offices where workers are already climbing the walls.

PS How is Lexi's last name pronouced? I've heard of dogs and owners looking alike, but I was wondering if Lexi has a Shih Tzu so that their names are pronounced alike.

Sep 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for the

Thanks for the comments.
It's actually pronounced 'shoe' like the less-heard-of breed, Shoe-Tzu.