News From Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Three

TGS 2006 LogoTGS 2006 LogoThat’s right, the final day of TGS 2006 is upon us! Adding to my previous coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2006, this is an overview and my opinions of Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Three. Tokyo Game Show has been running for 10 years, and is hosting the video game industries' top company’s best products, all available to the public. This is what happened at Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Three!

Microsoft’s XBox 360

Not having a ton of new stuff to show off for TGS 2006 on day three, we’re pretty much looking at the same content we’ve had the whole weekend. One of the new things talked about was the demo on the floor of Project Sylpheed for the XBox 360.

Project SylpheedProject SylpheedStraying away from their classic RPG’s, Square Enix (Final Fantasy series creators) is making a space shooter for the XBox 360. The game’s titled Project Sylpheed, and there was a demo of it on the floor of TGS. The demo included three playable levels from the game, all of which appear to be classic shoot ‘em up arcade style gameplay. The game appears to consist of a mission to mission storyline as you take control of a flight pilot in a war against an alien species. The graphics in the game were pretty good, yet not jaw dropping, and the game seemed to play fairly well, albeit with some frame rate problems. Frame rate problems are common, however, so there is nothing to worry about. I’m pretty excited about this game, especially with it coming from a well known developer like Square Enix.

Not much else came from Microsoft today. I would expect some new content from them on XBox Live, such as game demos and videos. Other than that, that’s a wrap on Microsoft’s appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2006!


Solid SnakeSolid SnakeThe biggest event for the PLAYSTATION 3 on Day Three is Hideo Kojima’s talk about Metal Gear Solid merchandise. He announced that the E3 video released on Metal Gear Solid 4 will be used as part of the intro video to the game, and that all the videos released thus far have been done in real time on the engine of the PLAYSTATION 3. Kojima also talked about expanding his “nowhere” to hide technique being used in Metal Gear Solid 4. He discussed the idea that hiding in places that people would search first wouldn’t be a good idea. For example, he says “…the real skill in hiding is to avoid the most obvious places like lockers or underneath tables, because that's the kind of place that people would search first.” In this way, Metal Gear Solid 4’s stealth aspect will be inventive and creative. I think Kojima is cooking up something that will be looked back upon for many years… Possibly one of the greatest games of all time. This is definitely a title to look out for on the PLAYSTATION 3.

On the floor of TGS on Day Three was a playable demo of Railfan. I’d never heard of it until today, but after looking at it, I thought it looked interesting. The game’s rails are modeled after such famous locations as Tokyo and Chicago. The most amazing part was the graphics, which looked like live video. People at the Railfan booth had a hard time deciding if they were watching real film or if they were watching gameplay… Cutting to overhead views, one would assume that the game was being rendered in real time… Unfortunately, those of us in the United States may never know. Like most train simulation games in Japan, it will probably never make it over the Pacific. Despite this, expect this game in Japan on the PLAYSTATION 3 later this year.

Overview and Summary

Having a slow day? Well, apparently so did Tokyo Game Show 2006 on Day Three.

All the old content was still around, and not much new happened. Overall, neither the PLAYSTATION 3 nor the XBox 360 impressed me today. Railfan (PS3) definitely impressed me on graphics, but the idea of a game coming from Square Enix that isn’t an RPG is awesome. The space shooter Project Sylpheed impressed me both in graphics and in gameplay, and is a good candidate for Game of Show. The lack of game demos on XBox Live this weekend, however, makes me want to hunt down Bill Gates and find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, that probably wouldn’t work out too well (I envision handcuffs and iron bars). I’m coming back later this week for a final summary of Tokyo Game Show 2006 with all the highlights and Tokyo Game Show 2006 game awards, so stay tuned, and keep an eye out for a new article mid-week!

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Matt Wood