News From Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Two

Adding to my coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2006, this is an overview and my opinions of Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Two. Tokyo Game Show has been running for 10 years, and is hosting the video game industries' top company’s best products, all available to the public. This is what happened at Tokyo Game Show 2006: Day Two!

Microsoft’s XBox 360

Custom XBox 360Custom XBox 360Microsoft had a pretty full second day. On the floor, Crackdown was brought to TGS by Microsoft and developer Real Time Worlds. Another Grand Theft Auto-like game, the title will revamp the genre by having a totally new art style. The game will look like no other you’ve ever seen. Previous screenshots have shown this, but nothing like the glory of the demo released at TGS. The playable version allowed players to race through the streets in a classic checkpoint-to-checkpoint style. The demo also gave the player the opportunity to climb to the top of a building and eliminate one of the cities' gang leaders. This game looks pretty good, and might be one of the must gets on the XBox 360. I’d keep an eye out for this one once it’s released.

After picking up the latest demo of Fusion Frenzy 2 myself, I can personally say that this game is shaping up nicely. I liked the first one, and I got to play it after Microsoft released it as their first TGS related demo on XBox Live. The game like its running pretty smoothly, although I only got the chance to play three of the many mini games that will be included in the final version. Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t allow you to play online, nor does it let you play any portion of the famous tournament play, which is a way the game links together the many mini games in a meaningful way. The graphics in the game look pretty good, and they managed to maintain the spirit of the first game. It’s hard to tell now from just three mini games, but this title might be something to look for once it comes out.

Gears of WarGears of WarIn the game Gears of War (XBox 360), you’ll be assuming the character Marcus Fenix. Basically, the world has been dominated by humans for thousands of years. At the point of the beginning of the game, humans have nothing to worry about. The story is that an “alien” species emerges from the ground on “Emergence Day” and attacks the human race. All but a few cities are completely wiped out, and it’s up to you to save the world, and more importantly, humanity. Sound familiar? The story sticks closely to manliest of manly movies directly from Hollywood. Despite this, the game is one of the most anticipated of 2006, and looks to be shaping up nicely. A good looking, high octane 3rd Person Shooter might be exactly what the XBox 360 needs to be truly successful in the midst of the release of the PLAYSTATION 3. Keep an eye on Gears of War… It’s being hyped as the Game of the Year, and quite possibly could be one of the top games of TGS.

Other notable games on the floor of TGS 2006 on Day Two were Lost Odyssey’s demo on the XBox 360, and the previously released demos of the much anticipated Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions. Lost Planet is another 3rd Person Shooter, but this time from the developer Capcom. My previously reviewed game from Capcom, Dead Rising, got high marks for almost all of its reviews, as well as strong sales in the United States and Japan.



PLAYSTATION 3PLAYSTATION 3Sony’s PLAYSTATION 3 continues to look strong, and here I’ll delve into the good (and bad) that happened for them and their console during Tokyo Game Show’s Day Two.

It was confirmed yesterday that Ninja Gaiden Sigma was coming to the PLAYSTATION 3. It was also announced that the original Ninja Gaiden, originally produced for the XBox, is going to be released with Ninja Gaiden Sigma, complete with an overhaul of the graphics. Two games in one! Now that’s a steal. Will the game be good? We won’t find out until spring 2007… Or later.

A hugely anticipated game currently in development for the PS3 was on the floor and playable at TGS 2006 on Day Two, and that game is Lair. The demo consisted mostly of a tutorial a small portion of the actual game. Obviously, the developers felt that they would only give players there a small taste of what was to come for Lair on the PLAYSTATION 3. The game looks great, and is reported to play great as well. The game will take advantage of the tilt abilities in the controller of the PS3, mainly for flying your dragon. Yeah… A dragon. What would be cooler than flying a dragon? I’ll leave this game at that…

Bad news for the PLAYSTATION 3 is that the price WON’T be dropping in the United States, which was confirmed today by Ken Kutaragi. The prices for the PS3 it he U.S. will remain at $499 (20GB version), and $599 (60GB version). The good news from Ken’s announcement, however, is that HDMI support will be included in both versions worldwide. This means the highest quality video output will be stocked in all versions, everywhere in the world!

Resistance: Fall of ManResistance: Fall of ManThe biggest launch title of the PLAYSTATION 3 will most likely be Resistance: Fall of Man. On the floor of TGS, fans got to play the multiplayer version of the First Person Shooter. The game looks like it has great graphics, and will have a great storyline, which takes place sometime after World War 2 (although it doesn’t have any World War 2 weapons). Apparently, in the story of the game, World War 2 never happened. Why the world conflict never happened is still a mystery, but will certainly be revealed in the storyline of the game. This title could quite easily be the game of the year as well, and could certainly rival the popularity of the Halo series. Only time will tell.

Also on the floor of TGS 2006 today was Taxi 2 for the Playstation 2, as well as a trailer for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP, and press announcements for the PLAYSTATION 3’s racer Fatal Inertia. Sony made announcements in other departments, like the PSP coming in various colors (pink and silver, with prototype version of blue, yellow, red, and camouflage). If a camouflage version of the PSP comes out, I will definitely be investing in buying another PSP, just for the color.

Overview and Summary

Today, Microsoft pushes forward with its support of XBox Live Arcade by releasing a TGS demo of Fusion Frenzy 2 to the world. It also showed off videos of Gears of War, a playable version of Viva Pinata, and demos of its future hit game Lost Planet. To me, Microsoft is moving in the right direction in the eyes of Japanese consumers, but is it enough to eat out the PLAYSTATION 3’s hype and brand popularity?

PLAYSTATION 3 moved forward by having even more playable game demos on the floor of TGS 2006 on Day Two. Games like Lair and Resistance: Fall of Man will carry the PS3 to high worldwide sales and popularity among gamers. Announcements for the PSP about new colors and new games like Crisis Core: Final TGS 2006!

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Matt Wood


P.S. I was notified by several readers that Nintendo decided to opt out of coming to TGS. Some Nintendo DS games are there, but nothing official from Nintendo. Nintendo’s stand is that they aren’t directly competing with the XBox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3… Instead, they’ll be focusing on a totally different group of consumers. The question is… are there enough of those “different” consumers for Nintendo to stay in business? Only time will tell.