Seth Says: Check Out Next Level Graffiti

Taking the British graffiti scene by storm is the underground artist Banksy . Whereas many graffiti artists limit their skills to elaborate tagging or large, sometimes superfluous murals, Banksy's graffiti infiltrates the very surfaces it covers; it becomes part of the building, the subway car, the street. Working largely with graphic figures and words, Banksy's images hint at anarchy, but in reflective way. Though unable to forget that he is defacing public property, we are still reminded of the institutions of society themselves as their own form of disorder. My favorite image so far is the one inserted at the beginning of the article of the Buckingham Palace guard urinating on building—perhaps a reference to the throne's sometimes dissonant attitude to it's own country.

The image that introduces this article is a little more playful, included to show that sometimes Banksy has a humorous tone with his works. How else to deal with absurdist culture than by contributing to it? But, beyond the paint one can see simply how talented the guy is in his conception and technique. If I were ever to get the opportunity to watch him work I would jump at it in an instant. His talents also transcend mediums, sometimes dealing with the physical object itself, such as with the British telephone booths that he transplanted in Los Angeles. When you look at these images on his website, take some time to read the story that goes along with this photo involving the FBI. Good stuff.

He's one to keep your eye out for and you'll no doubt see his stuff around London or L.A. if you're ever there. His manifestos, indoor art and drawings are also worthy of your time. Though he's pretty much everywhere, I still want to see more.

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May 15, 2007
by Anonymous Dumbo (not verified)

The Elephant

The elephant is interesting and at least initially appealing, but I think it would just take up space and be in the way after the novelty wore off.  It undoubtedly blocks the light in the room and would be a b*t@h to try to dust off once it starts getting dirty.

May 16, 2007
by Seth Plattner

Thanks Salsa.  Spelling has

Thanks Salsa.  Spelling has been fixed.

 And a well put point Anonymous Dumbo :)