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Bob TV Time ManagerI think almost all parents think their kids watch too much TV these days. Bob TV Time Manager gives parents an easy way to control the amount of TV a child watches. It essentially lets you limit the amount of time your child watches TV, plays video games or surfs the web.

The instructions state that you just plug any electronic device into BOB and lock in the cord. Plug BOB into an outlet, and you're done! Well not quite done yet, you still have to set the time limits.

Some additional features are that there are individual PIN-activated accounts for up to seven users. This enables a parent to set limits for each kid. Also, parents can block usage for specific times of the day. So if you're a working parent and you child is suppose to do homework right when he/she gets home from school, you can program BOB so the TV can't turn on until a certain time.

When I was little, I would spend all day outside. Who am I kidding? My siblings are reading this right now and laughing. Both my parents worked and I watched a ton of TV. They would have loved this product. They would have limited TV time to 10 minutes a day. Good thing this wasn't around until now.



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