American Inventor- There Will Be A Season Two !!!! Its Been Confirmed!!!!

Finally, its been confirmed!

There will be a season two of American Inventor. However, it will debut later in the 2006-07 season. Also, it looks like the show lost their Thursday 9:00pm time slot. Grey's Anatomy is moving to Thursdays at 9:00 pm.

To see ABC's press release of all the shows they are renewing go to ABC's Press Release.

To sign up for the second season of American Inventor, go to American Inventor - Second Season Sign up.

Oct 11, 2006
by Zvonko Peric (not verified)

Hi everyone,

Can I bring TEN diferent inventions for the next coming show?

Thank you

Zvonko Peric

Oct 28, 2006
by L. C. (not verified)

When will they audition in Los Angeles?

Hello to those that may run across this...
I need to know when A.I. will be taking open calls in Los Angeles for the second season. I know they were held last November in L.A., so just wondering if they'll be there again next month. As for submitting several ideas/potential inventions, I'd say go for it. I read in the FAQ's that it's permissable as long as each one is entirely different from the others. Thanks for reading.